- Update blog whenever she feels like it
- Watch out for new releases for manga (daily)
- Get 2 volumes of Japanese manga from Hakusensha or any other manga publisher
- Finish her short stories
- Back up savedata
- Survive PG and hopefully, PhD
- Complete most of her games in her game list
- Catalogue her mountain of unzipped and uncategorized manga in her desktop / hard disk
- Finish the drama that she's got in her hard disk

- (11/28) プリンスPiaキャロット [PC]
- (12/19) 放課後colorful*step ~うんどうぶ!~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 大正鬼譚 [PSP]
- (12/19) 月影の鎖 ~狂爛モラトリアム~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 剣が君 [PC]
- (12/26) Jewelic Nightmare

NB: Despite the overall static-ness of the blog, the game page is updated every now and then because gaming is something she'll never give up, ever.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Is the sound of the air conditioning above me.
*whacks with the feather duster*

I just finished the last episode of 花ざかりの君たちえっ.
A 2-hour finale with absolutely no advertisements! Sweet~
The ending was nice; unlike the Taiwanese version.
Ugh...That one was like halfway way hanging.

I was supposed to dedicate myself today to renaming and cataloging all my backed up manga.
By backed up, it's not my back up version. It's my most recent ones.
The last time I cataloged was around one week ago.
One week later, it became like this...

There's a lot more at the bottom.
It's due to my buzy-ness and probably even laziness and procrastination that made it like that.
There are around 135 chapters, including those inside the folders marked "missing" and "The One".
Yup, 135 chapters.
Crazy right?
So, exactly how many titles am I actually reading?
Let me count...
There are 65 titles in my hard disk alone...
...47 titles burnt into discs...
That makes a total of 112 titles.

The ones in my hard disk. That's the ungrouped view.
But since I have OCD when it comes to any reading material, it looks like this...

Cassie once asked how can I keep up with that many titles at once and if I'd get to storyline mixed up.
So did one of the admin in Mangatraders.
Well, the admin's was an indirect question.
The answer is:
It's really easy to manage.
(if you're not a lazy bum and bad ass procrastinator like I am; or that you're not as OCD to rename the chapters to the exact title, chapter and page and put them into the same volume folder...)
And I don't get the stories mixed up.

Here's my how my desktop actually looks like when I'm renaming stuff...

One "Unzipped Manga" folder; one "Manga-Zip Files" folder and the other "Manga" folder.
And then there's my A.F.5 Renamer and my Winamp.
I cannot live without my music.
The AVG is just a weekly thing...that I've not done in weeks. Ehehe...

And this is my desktop when there's nothing open.
I love my background!

Okay, okay. Enough procrastinating.
I've already wasted around 40 minutes on this.
If this goes on, I won't even scratch the surface of my pile and it'll probably grow more tomorrow.
Well, then. Back to work.

Edit: Watermarked the images.
And dinner is grilled stuff with the grill we just got.



Went to the Curve in the evening; had dinner at Sutra.
Dad says the best place to eat Thai is to go to Thailand, where the dishes doesn't seem to stop coming.
That is, if his friend's uncle the one who takes us there.

He then asked me to find out the time for AirAsia.
I know it's zero fare, but the service is like bleh.
Besides, mom said that she'll never fly by that EVER again. So does dad's friend's wife.

Went to Popular and got myself a Frixion pen.
Yup. Frixion
I didn't misspell it.
The name's a no-brainer.
The ink is erasable by friction, hence the name Frixion.
...Man, tough crowd.
Well, at least I don't need to dig my pencil case for my correction tape anymore.
Saves on the cost of the tape too.

Saw the Hiragana and Katakana book on the shelf.
...66 bucks each.
I'm already almost broke; this year's angpau money so miserable...
I guess I'll just have to wait till I start college to start my lessons at the Language House.

In other news, I broke the 2nd cumulative time record in Return to Ravenhurst!
Too bad it's under my sister's name. Oh well.
And...it's not really done yet.
I'm at Charles's chamber trying to complete the puzzle to destroy his thinga-majigy.
Only a few more moves and I'm done, but I won't do it now. It'll only take like 5-10 minutes, making the cumulative time around 4:30:xx.
The second record time was 5:00:00; first is 4:00:00.
I think they cheat.

Getting sleepy...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Nah, not so much.
Maybe only 10%.

Bro's gone out to dunno-who's house while I just declined my uncle's invitation to go ice skating.
Cause I don't want my ass to bruise when I fall on the ice and my cousins are way too young.
Pitiful, aren't I? I want a boyfriend I'm happy being single!
Well, I have my manga and my novels to keep me company.

I finished Return to Ravenhurst two days ago.
They really shouldn't put the final behind; the story has yet to end.
The puzzle are fun and mind boggling.
...And I found out how little I've used my brain since the last day of SPM.

I tried driving my mom's car, Hyundai Matrix. Of course, dad was beside me, keeping his hand on the hand brake.
He had me reverse the car and drive around the neighbourhood.
I was giggling like mad because I was nervous.
Then, I accelerated a lil too much and almost ran up the curb.
Even though the car didn't suffer any damages, Dad said that I am dangerous.

My relatives are very kiamsiap; angpau only 2 bucks. Kiamsiap, right?
My cousin who just got married was supposed to give four, but he buat tak tau and only give two. When bro asked his wife, she give him...a smile. WTH?
So when if I get married, I'll give his children only two. If they ask, I smile.

Since this year's Chinese New Year sucked, I'm going to Hong Kong to celebrate next year. I can shop (for manhua) till I drop.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year

There's only two words to describe CNY....


That's all I can and will say.

恭喜发财, 红包拿来!
Gimme, gimme!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Bad

Yeah, I'm still up at this hour.
Was enjoying the last installment for the Mystery Case Files Ravenhurst Trilogy: Return to Ravenhurst.
Waited for God-knows-how-many hours for the stupid net connection to get me my game.
Will finish it tomorrow...or today...or whatever.
My brain function is now at 5%.
No wonder I couldn't spot the lizard that was standing right in front of me in the game.

First, my com died...again. It died on Thursday.
Two days without my computer was like hell. Nothing to do but to laze around and mope.
Finished Pride and Prejudice faster, like in 1 day. And it's the unabridged version.
The tech guy fixed it today, said that it was time for my hard disk to go to computer heaven.
Luckily, he cloned everything. Or not, all my manga and songs will go poof too.

Went for the KPP lecture; met Shermaine while waiting.
She started at Taylor's for A levels; so glad I didn't decide on that. BLOODY HARD.
Didn't wear a collar shirt there; wasted 13.90 for a really fugly one. Mom paid me back though.
Sat there for 5 hours straight till my ass cramped.
Rained hard when we were almost in Tmn Megah; was drenched wet when we got down.
Why does it always rain when I already wash my hair and am going out?

Played my heart out on Green Day's Holiday. Almost got the hang of the riff part. ALMOST...
Dinner was a rip off. 97 bucks for 5 dishes! No abalone, crabs or prawns. WTH?!?!
Nam and Ivan ask me to go for guild war, but totally ignored my existence when I got there and Ivan wasn't even there! Dude, keep your 1 mil; I have my own 200+ mil of my own.
Internet speed was fluctuating between dead pulse and slight pulse.

I'm too tired, pissed off and lazy to write in full and complete sentences. Maybe I'll stick to it.
Yeah, not the normal me but so what? New year, new me.
I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

So nice that it's on the Chinese New Year eve. Everyone will be eating dinner and celebrating with my mom! That's a hell lot of people!

*thunk* (falls on table)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thinking Too Much

I've been out quite a lot the past few days, which is very uncommon and almost unheard of. And the reason for it is to stop me from thinking.
Yes, thinking. Never heard that thinking is bad for a person, huh?

When I'm left alone at home, I start to think. Then, I'll go all miserable and depressed over my disposition. The equation would most probably explain it better

Me + alone at home = Really bored*5
[Bored*5] + too much time = Thinks too much
Thinking too much * pessimistic personality = Misery + depression
Misery + depression = Creates a gloomy atmosphere that sucks all happiness
I don't contemplate much when I'm out of the house or out and about. The things that run through my mind would most probably be what I'd be doing the next moment or what I'm going to eat or whatever else question my mom / friend would ask. She understand me enough to never ask about any questions that needs any deeper thought when I'm out and my friends don't really think that deeply. I'm not complaining that they're shallow or anything; just that my train of thoughts run real far.
I wished my mind doesn't work as it does now. Just don't let me be bored and start thinking.

On the other hand, I've dug out Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice from my box of books. It's the unabridged version, making it all the more interesting. I've read it before, but never in detail nor have I taken a long time to read in between the lines.
I found many of the words used then are quite different from the modern English that we speak now. I can't say for Manglish though, it's a complete alien language if one were to use it during that time.
For example, the past tense for choose was chuse; show was shewn and intercourse has yet to take on its vulgar modern meaning.
Their manner of speech is rather polite too, filled with civility and a really haughty manner.

I do find the tete-a-tete between Lizzy and Darcy quite charming. It's nice to find heroines who aren't dumb airheads; unlike most modern pop lits.

That's it for today. I shall exit the drawing room and have a meal with family relations and then retreat to the upper living to be enchanted once again by my books.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Split in Two

The melancholic feel has come back, again. I hate it.

While driving to my grandpa's for dinner, the topic of further education has somehow wriggled and squirmed its way into the conversation; and that's where I've found myself facing a fork road.
Truth be told, I'm not sure what and where I want to be, or what I'm interested in. Yes, I'm quite fickle.

I know a few of my friends have already started their college courses; Cass is taking mass com, Alex has flown far to take Pol-Sci in Stanford, Fookix taking law, Felicia taking...I think it's architecture, and Jake is taking computer science. A few others are planning to take Form 6, like Kok Shien, Cynthia and Max; while some others are out in the real world.
Only a few others, including me, are still very clueless and still floating in between the transition of graduating from high / secondary school to attending college / university.

My previous plan was to take a matriculation course and then enter university. Well, I've gotten part of my future figured out- the college part that is. But what to do after that, I'm not quite sure.
A year ago, I set myself to study pharmacy. But thinking back, it's kinda like a one rank job. There's no corporate ladder to climb; you're stuck there until you retire. I want something where I can climb and well...earn a pretty good living.

Dad did say that I could get my bachelors or masters in pharma then do a degree in business management; that way, I can manage a hospital.
He then added that I could be a doctor, a specialist to be more specific. It takes around 11 years (or somewhere around there) of studying to be a specialist. By the time I get out of school, I'll be...30! WTH!
(30 is still an estimation and only if I do 1 1/2 years of matriculation. I think it takes 7 years to be a GP and another 4 to specialize in a certain human anatomy.)
Both jobs have the same advantage; it'll be one of the first professional job amongst all my cousins and second amongst the whole family, uncles and aunts included (first is dad).
I don't know about mom's side of the family though, there are a whole bunch of lawyers, engineers and doctors at her side.

It's really tough making a decision on one's future career, it's like making a gamble with your life at stake. I did tell him that and he told me to take Form 6. Over my dead body. I don't want to go through hell again. As if I'm not already sick of the exam-oriented scheme. I still recall him saying that STPM is one exam that'll scar you for the rest of your life. Even he still admits that he has nightmares about it.

Gah, I don't want to think about it anymore. I'll just wait for the results to be out in March and just go for whatever course that my marks will take me.
Now, I'm scared to think about the grades. *bawl*

EDIT: Felicia's taking interior designing.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Dad took us up to Genting Highlands yesterday all out of the blue. He had a sudden craving for Salmon Fried Koay Teow.
Yup, he drove us all the way up there just to eat that...and a whole lot of stuff. I'm lucky I didn't barf out everything like I did back when we were driving down Cameron. Bro and his head is thankful for that too.

Things have gotten a lil wacky with life. I've been frantically researching on institutes, finishing my assigned accounts and dealing with my stupid driving. Jeez, I find it really bothersome that each time I call, they'd refer me to another branch and when I get there, their doors were locked. I gave up on the first and went for the second choice.

I think that's it for today. I've got a whole bunch of those annoying booklets to key-in and sums to account for.
I'm so glad that it's only a temp thing and not my future livelyhood.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spring Blues

Is it even spring? How the heck should I know; I live in a country near the equator so it's summer year round.

I've had my share of fangirl screaming yesterday when I finished the remaining episodes of 花より団子 2 within 6 hours; and there wasn't any breaks in between. Yes, I'm that crazy when it comes to watching dramas, especially after restraining myself last year due to examinations. Like mom said, I'm having my revenge against the television. Even if the storyline was a wee bit different from the manga, it was still awesome! I think I'll go watch the last two episodes again~
...Oh crap, bro's recording his 'Heroes'.

Hmm, what should I write about...
Yeah, I finally got my timing for the song right! Robert was teaching us a song which falls under the category of I've-heard-it-before-but-don't-remember-the-name on Monday. Bro has perfected his drum part while I was struggling a bit on the riffs. I've got the hang of it now and we were jamming yesterday.

Bro called me a noob *sadface* and said he could do it better. Hah!
First, he didn't apply enough pressure.
Then, he fingers were at the wrong fret.
Next, he didn't get the strumming right.
And then, he hit the wrong strings.
He wanted to learn how to play, saying that it was easy until he cut one of his fingers. He said that he's not gonna take up guitar.
One thing for sure, it ain't easy playing with an electric guitar; unless of course, you start with the acoustic. It's a bit harder to press on acoustic, at least that's how I feel. The chords are more harder to play with and it's really hard to bar some of the chords, especially with hands and fingers as small and short as mine. A friend of mom's said my hands looks like a 10-year-old's.
And to HuiChuin (if he ever reads this), it's not necessary to start with classical guitar. In fact, I think it'll be harder, since classical guitar uses nylon strings instead of bronze and you don't need to press that hard to produce the sound in classical guitars, unlike acoustic and electric.

I got the hang of playing the first part of Green Day's 'Holiday'. *grins*
And I played Otsuka Ai's 'PEACH' on my keyboard...by ear! *double grin*
It's only on the keyboard / piano that I can play by ear, the right hand part that is. It took me only like five minutes to get the entire song for PEACH. Just the other day, I completed the part for SHE's '怎么办'.
Bro asked me how I know what key to play and I told him I just know. Usually, I'll have the song playing in my head and my fingers just moves like that, no further explaination. He then says that I'm a freak and should take up piano or keyboard instead of guitar. Heh.

Almost 70% of the songs in my playlist are Japanese songs, and I love all of them. They have the rock that I like, the pop that I don't dislike (unlike some English songs) and the jazz that won't make me fall asleep. Honestly, I think the English music industry has lost a lot of creativity. There just aren't any songs that catches my attention anymore.
As for Japanese...there's a whole bunch of them. Like: Suga Shikao, Kawabe Chieco, Fonogenico, BACK-ON, Arashi, Koda Kumi, YUI, Aqua Times, Orange Range, Kimura Kaela, Sawajiri Erika, UVERworld, Last Alliance...I don't think I'll be able to list everything and everyone of them.

I was hoping hat by writing this post, I'd be able to kill time till 11, when Shark is gonna start. Looks like I have 10 more minutes...guess I'll continue where I left off for 花ざかりの君たちえっ. I could at least finish a few chapters before it's time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's been two days and my body aches; maybe it was the painting...I dunno.

I've almost finish watching both 花ざかりの君たちえっ and 花より団子 2; with four episodes remaining for 花ざかりの君たちえっ and five episodes for 花より団子 2. I found it funny that 生田斗真 appears in both, one as the comical supporting character and the 2 episode antagonist in the other.
I'll let my hormones go rampaging a lil while and go 'kyaaaaaaaa~' everytime I see him, 小栗旬 and 松本潤 on the tv screen of mine.
That's about all the excitement my life is ever gonna get.

On another note, it seems the craze of mine for K-drama and J-dorama hasn't fizzled out yet; well, if it lasted longer than a year, then I don't think it will.
I'll be looking forward to more manga-made dorama; not to mention manhwa-made dramas too. Don't disappoint me, Japan and Korea!
I think Japan's my first vacation spot when I can afford it.

About stuff being weird...I had a call from SEGI yesterday. Benjamin, one of the campus counselors, called about my application. I was like: Huh?!?!
I don't remember applying for any colleges, nor filling any forms for SEGI. The only forms I do remember filling is for Sunway and that was the survey form last year, when our class visited the campus. Besides, I've not even heard my dad's final decision yet!
*wonders if it's dad's doing*
Nah, he isn't that free to meddle with my stuff. Besides, I don't think that SEGI offers what I want. I want to do Pre-U before jumping into my final decision for a career.

Sis is kinda feeling the pinch of exam year now. Her teacher dumped a lot of homework to her and she was lamenting about it the whole time, and wasting a lot of precious time at that.
I can't really put myself in her shoes, and it's not that I didn't get as much homework as her; I got far more than she ever will.

The six years in primary school was pure hell, and being a 'half banana' isn't only the factor. The school I went to (and I shall never ever mention it's name again) had some kind of entrance exam. Yeah...It used to be one of the top Chinese schools that produced quality students, but not anymore with the recent scores. I have no idea why they're mimicing the college entrance exams though. So anyways, with whatever score I got, I was able to enter the first class in Std 1. I still have no idea what it was.
Life in the 精靈班 or 'express' classes isn't easy, especially for a school that is desperate to maintain its position as one of the top schools. I remember the tons of homework our teacher made us do, the pages of 生字 she made us write, a hell lot of math questions, and who could ever forget the Malay idioms Miss Ong made us memorize. If we ever forgot one, she'd make us stand the whole two periods. I had her for Std 1-3.
Unfinished homework will earn you some thrashing with the huge cane the teachers keep locked up in the cabinet. Yes, coporal punishements were still implented during my time, which was not long ago.
If one year of this wasn't enough, I got a total six years.

I guess some good came out of it; the work load in secondary school seemed like a piece of cake. Staying up late for homework didn't affect me much either, since I've been doing it for such a long time. That's my secret to why I never get eyebags or panda eyes nor feel pressured to finish my homework.

She, on the other hand, was in the 普通班 or 'normal' classes her whole schooling life. Her version of ' a lot of homework' isn't even 1/20 of mine.
In the past, she had time to dilly-dally, chat with her friends on MSN, watch TV, laze around before bathing after lunch and a whole lot more. Her honeymoon years have just reached its end, so of course she'd cave in at the slightest pressure.
...And she dragged me along for the unwanted joyride; I have to watch over her while she is doing her homework.

I guess I could read 花ざかりの君たちえっ when I'm done with this post; I've already read 花より団子 a few weeks ago and am lazy to unzip 1 GB worth of files.
I should have my dinner too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Oh yeah! After two years (or 1 1/8 of a year), I've finally reached 100 posts!
I've never imagine myself to be typing the 100th post; I'd assumed that I've got better things to do by then. Oh well, my life is a dull one.

I didn't get to visit the education fair today; was on paint job the whole day. We (dad, bro and I) managed to paint the whole house! Well, it's only the exterior perimeter wall. Dad did ask us if we're up to paint the whole house...I don't think I wanna do that. I'm already dead tired after today's thing. And before you say anything, please consider the size of my house. I'm just glad it's the smallest among all in the area; it'd be hell if it was as large as my neighbour's.

Also, I've bought 花ざかりの君たちえっ and 花より団子 2 yesterday and am almost broke. I don't think I'll be able to buy any manga this month. ;__;
I'll buy the extra episodes in March for both and then start with ごくせん and it's two other sequels later.

I just watched the first two episodes of 花ざかりの君たちえっ and found it really hilarious! Say goodbye to 8TV's annoying advertisements and hello to non-stop Jdrama!

I'm gonna read the manga version then go sleep...or just fall asleep on the table.


The identity of Old Snake occupied my mind for a split second.
I wondered if it was bro's friend, Ryan, cause I've seen him/her posting in Carmen's Cbox. But when bro said that he hasn't gotten his net connection back yet, it puzzled me more. And then, something else popped into my mind and it was soon forgotten.
To the person who uses the pseudonym Old Snake, I thank you for your poem(?) and hope that you don't misunderstand my previous statement; I'm a bit of a scatterbrain.

The thing that popped into my mind was a song. My very first piano piece which I composed...which lasts less than one minute...which I have now forgotten how it sounds. See what I mean?
I can only remember the mood of the piece to be very cheerful and a bit on the bouncy side. I play only by ear so I didn't have any notes written down; not that I know any of the notations or the meaning behind them. I'm a noob version of Megumi Noda of Nodame Cantabile, but I don't even know what a Cantabile style is.
The only notes I read are chords and power chords, which are very different from piano notes.

That aside, I've been dreaming for the better half of my Saturday afternoon; daydreaming to be precise. (I'll be rambling, starting from the next sentence. Don't say I didn't warn ya!)

I was thinking about the service resident that I stayed in while vacationing in Korea; the atmosphere and the feel of living and studying alone in another country.
So, I was thinking about how to decorate my apartment/ dorm/ room/ whatever else place that I might be staying in.

If it's an apartment, I'll probably be staying with my bro during sophomore year; and that only applies if he's studying in the same country.
So the living area would most probably have a DVD player, a game console (let it be an XBox live/ 360 or a Playstation 3, or even a Wii!) and a TV hooked up to an awesome sound system that has really, really good bass. I can't stand listening to any song without the thumping of the bass in the background. A sofa, a glass coffee table and a beanbag (or as HuiChuin calls it, Tau-Sa-Pia) to finish the room.

The kitchen would have a fridge, of course. An electric cooker (cause I'm really dangerous around fires) would be most suitable. A microwave oven (like the one mom has) would be great to nuke some tv dinners and the occasional baking of cookies. Dinning table, chairs, cutlery, china...the usual stuff you'd find in a kitchen.

I think I'd want a soundproof room to jam. No, not the jam you spread on your morning toast; band lingo. Jam, jell...what else is there?
Bro's drum would be at the back while the keyboard will be at the right, in front of the drums. The bass and guitar would be at the right and left side respectively.
...The only thing missing now is a bassist and a keyboardist.

My room...oh how I wish I could remodel my current one to what I've envisioned!
My bed near the left wall; my study desk on the right. Closet door just before the bed and the bathroom door after the desk. The desk would be flanked by a tall bookshelf on the right, a coat hanger on the left and a built-on rack just above the desk.
The bookshelf would be filled with books needed for classes, encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses and language books, especially Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
Near my bed would be another bookshelf/ bookshelves for my growing collection of novels and manga tankoban/ bunkoban; depending on how many books I've got and how fast I'll get the shelves filled.
The walls will be a soft lilac colour instead of the horrid 'cherry blossom' I have right now. No matter what fancy name you call it, pink is still pink; a rose called by any other name is still a rose. Posters of anime and my favourite musician/ bands will be everywhere!

That's just about where my daydream stopped. It's a lil far-fetched, don'tcha think?
I mean, how can a student even afford something as luxurious as this? I don't even think that my dad will pay for everything; and the oncoming recession makes it even more improbable. Even if I do work part-time, I don't think the measly income generated from it would scratch the surface of the probable debt raised from this kind of living.

Like I said earlier, I was only daydreaming.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I tried out the recipe of the Hawaiian Nut Cookie that my dad's friend bought from Famous Amos just now. Yeah, you heard me...FAMOUS AMOS'S COOKIE RECIPE!!.
Well, I did mass forward it to everyone once my dad got it from his friend. So don't ask me why I'm spreading a corporate secret recipe; read the email I sent, won'tcha?
Erm...If you're not the kind that has a sweet tooth, I might recommend you to first halve all the measurements. Take 1 cup of brown sugar (molasses sugar works fine too) and 1/2 cup of Castor sugar instead of 1 cup; use bitter chocolate chips and omit the Cadbury bars. The batch mom and I made isn't too sweet, and we made a total of 90 pieces. And that's just half of what's the original ingredients!

I've been feeling very cold lately, dunno why. Even if it's really burning hot, according to my bro, I still don't feel anything. Maybe I should go for a medical checkup.

That's all I got for now. I think I'll go read something till I fall asleep.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Miss...

I miss groaning and mumbling that I've got to wake up at 6.
I miss my mom kicking my ass (literally) when I fall back asleep after she has woken me up.
I miss falling asleep in the shower.
I miss running for the door when I hear mom reversing the car out.
I miss falling asleep during assembly.
I miss talking to some of my teachers before classes start.
I miss watching the two lame kings sitting behind me performing their acts.
I miss laughing so hard that tears come out because of those acts.
I miss staring blankly at the blackboard and have no idea what the teacher is saying.
I miss purposely being late to any science class just by walking slowly to the lab.
I miss messing with the experiment after we've gotten the results.
I miss running off to the library as soon as the recess bell rings.
I miss seeing the books and working in the library.
I miss bothering some of the teachers during recess.
I miss the usual running and slamming stunt I do when I'm late for class.
I miss talking to Miss Tan and being late for class because of that.
I miss waiting for the school bell to ring, signaling the end of school.
I miss trying to convince the teacher to let us off early.
I miss talking to my friends in the bus stop.
I miss buying the bubble milk tea from the store across the street.
I miss getting frustrated that mom hasn't pick us up even though it's already 3.
I miss the long naps I take in the afternoon.
I miss the rush when I'm almost late for tuition.
I miss staying up late to finish my homework.

I miss Natasha's bounciness.
I miss Azyan's coolness.
I miss calling Cynthia like how Angelica in Rugrats calls Cynthia. Also the way Sapphira calls her 'Cin-thia'
I miss Mira's diva mode.
I miss Daniel and Salman's game talk.
I miss Sapphira's conversations.
I miss Fook Hoy and HuiChuin's lameness which cracks me up so very much.
I miss Wen Kai's whacky behavior.
I miss Sam's down-to-earth attitude.
I miss Felicia's smile and her happy-go-lucky mood.
I miss Kai Ru's sarcastic and sometimes hurting comments.
I miss Audrey's generosity.
I miss Karina's insightful manner.
I miss May Ling's dance moves.
I miss Zhi Zhi's jokes and her logic in Physics.
I miss Shirren's demeanor.
I miss Seng Keat's blurness.
I miss Kok Shien's antics.

I miss Pn. Loi's relaxed manner.
I miss Pn. Tie saying "Class, this is very important ar. SPM sure got this question."
I miss trying not to fall asleep in Miss Foo's English class.
I miss Miss Leong's interesting history class with all the stories and legends.
I miss Pn. Zurani yelling at us when we don't finish her work or didn't read the literature she assigned. (not me though, I've always done mine)
I miss Pn. Wong's Bio class.
I miss Pn. Rajeshwari's candid opinions.
I miss Pn. Yap's Geography class.
I miss talking to Pn. Shanti.
I miss Miss Tan's conversations.
I miss Pn. Khor's laid back manner, back when she was laid back.

Yup, these are the things I miss. But,
I miss the things that happen, friends I have and the teachers I came in contact with.

Life goes on, but memories lasts forever.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, the gathering we had on Saturday was okay; tiring but fun. I just hope that my friends had fun; I apologize for any shortcomings that happened, gomen gomen. _(_ _)_
I didn't expect that uncle to be talking so much about college stuff, that was totally unexpected and unplanned for.
Dad says that my hosting skills was okay but it needs more polishing. Talking was hard, considering that I prefer to spend my time alone. I don't like communicating with people; my words get all jumbled up and I say things that I don't really mean. That's why I don't attend parties nor anything that needs me to open my mouth.
I'm still eating the leftovers from the gathering. There's a whole tupperware full of curry left; you guys should have taken more, you know?
I cringe at the mere mention of curry now.

I just spent half of the evening talking to dad about my college application. I'm adamant about my decision on CIMP but dad is still deliberating on his choice. I mean, come on! I made my decision as soon as I saw the campus and all the other campuses. Wasn't he the one who told me never to waver my decision once I've decided on it?
Yeah, I did say that I wanted to take the AUSMAT, but that was way before that I found out it has internal and external assessments. I'm already SICK of 11 years of examinations and I'm not about to spend two years of my life sitting for another examination and go all miserable and depressed when I don't score well. I don't deal with failure and defeat well.
I wanted the CIMP for its flexibility. It's not like it doesn't have any examinations (as my dad believes so); it's just that coursework (assignments, quizzes, projects...) stands a higher percentage when they grade you at the end of the year. The ratio of 30:70, being 70 on coursework sounds better than 50:50 of assessments, regardless whether it's internal or external.

Contrary to the belief of anyone who knows me; I'm not smart. I never was and probably never will be; I just don't understand why people put so much faith in me. I'll probably be very disappointed with my SPM results when it's out in March. I'm already prepared for the worst.

I'll be starting my driving tomorrow, after inquiring about the fees and everything. My parents will no longer help me with anything, other than financially. I feel dejected, kinda. I mean, I've never been out a lot. Hold it, before you comment about my yearly vacations overseas, read the bottom.

I've never been anywhere that my parents weren't around.

Which also explains my poor social skills . Plus, I don't go out often with friends due to my dad's strict rule. Since you've met my dad, you should know. Of the seven years of being a teenager, I've probably only went out with my friends around five times; three of is with my mom there but not with me.

And suddenly, they just dump me there and expect for a really inexperienced me to fend for myself. What the heck? I know that it might be a good way for me to learn, but isn't it too extreme to just leave me alone like that?
And isn't it really contradicting when they suddenly shove all the responsibility to me and then say that my college decisions must be bilateral instead of unilateral? One minute, you say that I've got to make my own decisions and do the things myself and you're making decisions for me the next?
He says that he's afraid that I'll cave in and call it quits when it gets too hard. One question, when have I ever quit something as important as learning? You were the one who drilled into my mind that I should never quit. I've never actually given up anything without trying as hard as I can; the white flag would only be raised if it's the last resort.
But on the subject of add math, that's a total lost hope for me. I've tried everything and it doesn't work right.

Right now, I really feel like I don't want to grow up nor grow old. If only there was a way to suspend my growth, making me 17 forever. I don't mind not being able to watch PG 18 movies, I'm not really interested in them that much.
So, are there any vampires around? Preferably like the kind in the Twilight series; I want to be able to enjoy the sunlight occasionally and not be repelled by garlic and the cross.
It's an unlikely fantasy but so what? I don't mind it at all.

PS: I don't know how I remembered this, but do you know that:
A human nose can smell 1,000 kinds of smells.
In 8 weeks, the organs that are needed to survive are already in place within the fetus.
A human grows 12 bodies worth of new bones in a lifetime.
There are around 100 million neurons in a human brain and it processes 1,000 information per second. And the brain uses 1 pint of blood per minute.

To the people who watches Discovery Channel often, you should have seen this in the advertisement for Human Numbers. I can't really explain how I could remember this after only watching it once...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Anime & Drama List


金色のコルダ ~Primo Passo~
金色のコルダ ~Second Passo~
彩雲国物語 II
のだめカンタービレ- Paris
のだめカンタービレ- Finale
涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 II
S・A スペシャル・エー
ヴァンパイア騎士 - Guilty
今日からマのつく自由業! II
今日からマのつく自由業! III


花より男子 II
花より男子 Final
花ざかりの君たちへ Special
のだめカンタービレ Europe Chirstmas Special
ごくせん II
ごくせん III

꽃보다 남자
커피프린스 1호점
풀하우스 II

A New Year in a Game

It's been a day after the new year and I've yet to reach my goal of a hundred posts; falling only 5 posts behind. Oh well.

I spent my new year in Nevereth (CABAL) with my new guild-mates and and whole lot of other people dancing laggily (isit even a word that's recognized? If not, I shall announce that it's a word I coined. Ever wonder why words are coined and coins are made...I'm rambling.)...where was I? Oh yes, dancing laggily in Bloody Ice. It's a town name; and no, the snow there isn't red. There's a town called Desert Scream and I didn't hear the desert itself screaming.
...Again, I've rambled off.
Apparently, the CM wanted to celebrate with us and everyone wanted to take a ss (snapshot) with him. It lagged a lot and it's was virtually impossible to see anyone. The only guild-mate I saw was the GM (guild master) dancing near the warp entrance and KukiLapuk at the far corner of Bloody Ice. DevilMayCry took a video of everything but I don't have the link to it, cause I didn't ask.

I did reach my goal of dual trans that nite, making it officially last year's business; to me, that is. A day isn't considered over until I fall asleep, so there.
And because the clamped down on the rank levels, I can't get the skills until I reach 100, which sucks. I'm only 2 levels away but I've got stuff to do for this weekend's gathering. I might be able to squeeze in some time today, but I don't think I'll be able to do it by this week. And yeah, I spent around 50+mil on the equipments. There goes my alz...

Haha, it's odd to see a girl talking about this kind of games right? Even harder for a person like me. Cass doesn't understand my fascination with online MMORPGs and gave up trying to. And then there was the GM's remark: Study smart, play hard. He's bro's friend, and we were studying in the same school, so you get the picture. He's also one of the people on the guest list of tomorrow's gathering.

Also, dad came back with an amplifier in tow! AN AMPLIFIER!
I'm so psyched that I can finally listen to the same tones that I hear on the radio!

Weeeeeeell then, I'm off to find chords to play!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


To admins & staffers alike,

If my attachments are ever corrupted, I have backups uploaded into free-serving hosts. They are mainly in MediaFire, so please take care not to download on a Thursday.

Edit: I have added some of the files to 4Shared, just in case MediaFire's server decides to hate anyone and denies their access to my scripts.
They are marked under 'Mirror'.

Here are the links to the projects:
恋愛カタログ v12ch48 | Mirror
恋愛カタログ v13ch50 | Mirror
恋愛カタログ v13ch51 | Mirror
恋愛カタログ v13ch52
Forbidden Garden
The Fishes v01ch01
The Fishes v01ch02

宝宝万岁 v02ch05 | Mirror
宝宝万岁 v02ch06 | Mirror

恋したがりのブルー v01ch03

極上の夜をあげる v01ch01 | Mirror
極上の夜をあげる v01ch02 | Mirror
極上の夜をあげる v01ch04 | Mirror
極上の夜をあげる v01ch05 | Mirror

電撃デイジー v03ch12 | Mirror
電撃デイジー v03ch13 | Mirror
電撃デイジー v03ch14
電撃デイジー v03ch15
電撃デイジー v03ch16
電撃デイジー v03ch17

スプラウト v06ch23 | Mirror
スプラウト v06ch24
スプラウト v07ch25
スプラウト v07ch26
スプラウト v07ch27
スプラウト v07ch28

Pinkの遺伝子 v01ch03
Pinkの遺伝子 v01ch04

隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch00
隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch01
隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch02
隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch03
隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch04
隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch05
隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch06

勉強しなさい! v02ch04
勉強しなさい! v02ch05
Project Noir
メビウス同盟 v03ch13
メビウス同盟 v03ch14
メビウス同盟 v03ch15
メビウス同盟 v03ch16 | Mirror
メビウス同盟 v03ch17 | Mirror
メビウス同盟 v03ch18 | Mirror
メビウス同盟 v04ch19
メビウス同盟 v04ch20
メビウス同盟 v04ch21
メビウス同盟 v04ch22
Rebellious Love
Mask~仮面の情事~ v01ch02

Shoujo Crusade
キッスだけじゃかえさない v03ch13 | Mirror
キッスだけじゃかえさない v03ch14 | Mirror
キッスだけじゃかえさない v03-omake | Mirror
キッスだけじゃかえさない v04ch15 | Mirror

温泉で会いましょう v01-Omake | Mirror

はなしてなんてあげないよ v01ch02 | Mirror | Mirror 2
はなしてなんてあげないよ v01ch03 | Mirror
はなしてなんてあげないよ v01ch04
はなしてなんてあげないよ v01ch05
はなしてなんてあげないよ v01ch06
はなしてなんてあげないよ v02ch07

Shape of Love: An*do Twins
Tasty-Kiwi Scans
솔직 담백하게 v01ch02 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v01ch03 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v01ch04 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v01ch05 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v01ch06 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v02ch07 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v02ch08 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v02ch09 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v02ch10 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v02ch11 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v03ch12 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v03ch13 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v03ch14 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v03ch15 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v03ch16 | Mirror
솔직 담백하게 v04ch17
솔직 담백하게 v04ch18
솔직 담백하게 v04ch19
솔직 담백하게 v04ch20
솔직 담백하게 v04ch21
Wataame Shoujo
ハードな調教師 v01ch01 | Mirror
ハードな調教師 v01ch02 | Mirror
ハードな調教師 v01ch03
ハードな調教師 v01ch04 (end)

てっぺん! v01ch04 | Mirror
てっぺん! v01ch05


Manga List

This is my current reading list.

- あいこら
- アイノコトバ
- エアギア
- 赤髪の白雪姫
- 悪魔とドルチェ
- アナスタシア倶楽部
- 青空エール
- アラクレ
- ブラッディ・クロス
- 悩殺ジャンキー
- クレイモア
- あぁいとしのばんちょうさま
- 電撃デイジー
- フィアンセはモンスター!?
- 学校のおじかん
- 極楽青春ホッケー部
- はちみつの花
- はだかの王子さま
- 裸足でバラを踏め
- 花と悪魔
- ハナダ
- はぴまり
- 姫系・ドール
- ひみつの姫君うわさの王子
- 女王様の犬
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式
- 神様はじめました
- カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる
- 君は僕の虜なれ
- 金色のコルダ
- M★G★ダーリン
- 未少年プロデュース
- Momo - 終末庭園へようこそ
- ナナコロビン
- エヌジーライフ
- ギニョール宮廷楽団
- のだめカンタービレ
- お嬢様はお嫁様。
- オトメン
- 桜蘭高校ホスト部
- 執事様のお気に入り
- 親指からロマンス
- ヤマトナデシコ七変化
- レック
- 黎明のアルカナ
- ひなた120%
- 瑠璃の風に花は流れる
- 桜姫華伝
- 一瞬間のロマンス
- 縛り屋小町
- シノビライフ
- 少年ドールズ
- スキップ・ビート!
- てっぺん!
- 究极维纳斯
- バガボンド
- ヴァンパイア騎士 (ナイト)
- ヴィーナス綺想曲
- ヴィーナスにあらず
- 絶対平和大作戦

- 100%의 그녀
- 내 인생의 태클
- 천행기
- 물좋은 하숙집
- 보디가드
- 하백의 신부
- 솔직 담백하게
- 날라리 수업
- 한 번 해봐?
- 홍가네
- 사랑 SOS
- 러블리
- 머니 바이러스
- 공주님과 건달님
- 세이 세이 세이
- 우리는 아직

- 百億公主
- 獨領風騷
- 搖滾狂潮

The completed list can be found here:
Completed List

Wataame Shoujo

Group: Wataame Shoujo
Position: Chinese translator


- てっぺん! v01ch04 (sent)
- てっぺん! v01ch05 (sent)
- ハードな調教師 v01ch01 (sent)
- ハードな調教師 v01ch02 (sent)
- ハードな調教師 v01ch03 (sent)
- ハードな調教師 v01ch04 (sent)
- 天才めがねにキメっ!v01ch02 (sent)
- 天才めがねにキメっ!v01ch03 (sent)
- てっぺん! v01ch06 (pending)


Group: Entropy
Position: Chinese translator

Personal status: Hiatus


- 恋愛カタログ v12ch48 (sent)
- 恋愛カタログ v13ch50 (sent)
- 恋愛カタログ v13ch51 (sent)
- 恋愛カタログ v13ch52 (sent)
- 恋愛カタログ v17ch65 (pending)
- 恋愛カタログ v17ch66 (pending)
- 恋愛カタログ v17ch67 (pending)
- 恋愛カタログ v17ch68 (pending)

Forbidden Garden

Group: Forbidden Garden
Position: Chinese translator & proofreader

Personal status: Hiatus


- The Fishes v01ch01 (sent)
- The Fishes v01ch02 (sent)
- 宝宝万岁 v02ch05 (sent)
- 宝宝万岁 v02ch06 (sent)
- 宝宝万岁 v02ch07 (translating)
- 宝宝万岁 v02ch08 (pending)
- 宝宝万岁 v03 (pending)
- 宝宝万岁 v04 (end) (pending)
- 恋したがりのブルー v01ch03 (sent)

Tasty-Kiwi Scans

Group: Tasty-Kiwi
Position: Chinese translator

Personal status: Hiatus


- 솔직 담백하게 v01ch02 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v01ch03 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v01ch04 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v01ch05 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v01ch06 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v02ch07 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v02ch08 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v02ch09 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v02ch10 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v02ch11 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v03ch12 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v03ch13 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v03ch14 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v03ch15 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v03ch16 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v04ch17 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v04ch18 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v04ch19 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v04ch20 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v04ch21 (sent)
- 솔직 담백하게 v05 (pending information)
- 솔직 담백하게 v06 (pending information)
- 솔직 담백하게 v07 (end) (pending information)


Group: JShoujo
Position: Chinese translator

Personal status: Hiatus


- 危険ちたいだんし- 獣黒の白 v01ch01 (given)
- 笑うかのこ様 v01ch05 (translating)

Rebellious Love

Group: Rebellious Love
Position: Chinese translator

Personal status: Hiatus


- Mask~仮面の情事~ v01ch02 (sent)
- Mask~仮面の情事~ v01ch03 (pending)
- [RL] Mask~仮面の情事~ v01ch04 (pending)

Shoujo Crusade

Group: Shoujo Crusade
Position: Chinese translator & proofreader

Personal status: Hiatus


- キッスだけじゃかえさない v03ch13 (sent)
- キッスだけじゃかえさない v03ch14 (sent)
- キッスだけじゃかえさない v03-Omake (sent)
- キッスだけじゃかえさない v04ch15 (sent)
- 温泉で会いましょう v01-Omake (sent)
- Shape of Love: an*do Twin Star v01ch02 (sent)
- はなしてなんてあげないよ v01ch02 (sent)
- はなしてなんてあげないよ v01ch03 (sent)
- はなしてなんてあげないよ v02ch04 (sent)
- はなしてなんてあげないよ v02ch05 (sent)
- はなしてなんてあげないよ v02ch06 (sent)
- はなしてなんてあげないよ v02ch07 (sent)
- 魔鏡不说謊 v01ch01 (pending)
- 魔鏡不说謊 v01ch02 (pending)
- 魔鏡不说謊 v01ch03 (pending)
- 魔鏡不说謊 v01ch04 (pending)
- 魅力反射 v02ch10 (pending)


Group: Noir
Position: Chinese translator

Personal status: Hiatus


- メビウス同盟 v03ch13 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v03ch14 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v03ch15 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v03ch16 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v04ch17 (sent)
-メビウス同盟 v04ch18 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v04ch19 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v04ch20 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v04ch21 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v04ch22 (sent)
- メビウス同盟 v05ch23 (pending)
- メビウス同盟 v05ch24 (pending)
- メビウス同盟 v05ch25 (pending)
- メビウス同盟 v05ch26 (end) (pending)


Group: Ochibichan
Position: Proofreader & owner of Kurosaki of 電撃デイジー

Personal status: Active


- 極上の夜をあげるv01ch01 (sent)
- 極上の夜をあげるv01ch02 (sent)
- 極上の夜をあげるv01ch04 (sent)
- 極上の夜をあげるv01ch05 (sent)
- 電撃デイジー v03ch12 (sent)
- 電撃デイジー v03ch13 (sent)
- スプラウト v06ch23 (sent)
- スプラウト v06ch24 (sent)
- スプラウト v07ch25 (sent)
- Pinkの遺伝子 v01ch03 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch00 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch01 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch02 (sent)
- 勉強しなさい! v02ch04 (sent)
- 勉強しなさい! v02ch05 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch03 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch04 (sent)
- スプラウト v07ch26 (sent)
- スプラウト v07ch27 (sent)
- スプラウト v07ch28 (end) (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch05 (sent)
- 電撃デイジー v03ch15 (sent)
- 電撃デイジー v03ch16 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v01ch06 (sent)
- 電撃デイジー v03ch17 (sent)
- 電撃デイジー v03ch18 (sent)
- 電撃デイジー v03ch19 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v02ch07 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v02ch08 (sent)
- 電撃デイジー v04ch21 (sent)
- 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式 v02ch09 (sent)
- 勉強しなさい! v02ch06 (sent)
- 緋の纏 v01ch04 (sent)

Enchantment Scans

Group: Enchantment Scans

Position: Proofreader (in probation)

Personal status: Hiatus

- Skip Beat v19ch109 (sent)
- Skip Beat v19ch110 (sent)
- Skip Beat v19ch111 (sent)
- Skip Beat v19ch112 (sent)

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Image © モーツァルトは子守唄を歌わない, 有栖川るい - Entropy
Image © ジグ☆ザグ丼, 石田拓実 - Forbidden Garden
Image © 笑うかのこ様, 辻田 りり子 - JShoujo
Image © 隗ヨリヒトカイヨリ式, カズアキ - Ochibichan
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