- Update blog whenever she feels like it
- Watch out for new releases for manga (daily)
- Get 2 volumes of Japanese manga from Hakusensha or any other manga publisher
- Finish her short stories
- Back up savedata
- Survive PG and hopefully, PhD
- Complete most of her games in her game list
- Catalogue her mountain of unzipped and uncategorized manga in her desktop / hard disk
- Finish the drama that she's got in her hard disk

- (11/28) プリンスPiaキャロット [PC]
- (12/19) 放課後colorful*step ~うんどうぶ!~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 大正鬼譚 [PSP]
- (12/19) 月影の鎖 ~狂爛モラトリアム~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 剣が君 [PC]
- (12/26) Jewelic Nightmare

NB: Despite the overall static-ness of the blog, the game page is updated every now and then because gaming is something she'll never give up, ever.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Absence: Act VI

At the time of this post, I'm in a really pissed off mood.
It takes a no-brainer to guess that it's either one of the monkeys, or both.
I think I can still live my life with either one of them gone, preferably both.
At least, that's how I feel at the moment.

It's been like how many weeks?
Six weeks.
It's been six weeks since I was dragged from my home to be here.
For those who just tuned in, this is a pre-written post.
I won't bother explaining again; just go read my previous posts, Absence: Acts I-V.

I wonder how the lil brat is doing; cracking under the pressure perhaps?
Well, she pisses me off THE most.
Her radical change of behavior came after she started being close to one of her bratty friend, J.
J is an obnoxious, ill-mannered and by far THE WORST 12-year-old I've ever met.
And because my brat is desperate not to have her friend leave her, she's grovelling at J's feet; even if she doesn't admit it.
My brat used to listen when she's being told off; now she's retaliating back.

I bet now she's cursing that I'm no longer there to...
- take out the laundry
- clean the bathroom
- throw her 'stuff'
- sweep the room during the weekends
- refill the toilet roll dispenser
- get rid of the bugs that crawls out of the drain
- wash the dishes during family meals
...Ohh, I can see her suffer.
That's about the only enjoyment I can get from being sent into the wilderness.
I know, you people must think that I'm really mean.
But wait till you live with her for a week; then only can you tell me whether if I'm mean or not.
Your patience will run out on the first half of the day, I bet.

To make it more worthwhile, I've already hidden my stash of drama DVDs.
I had mom give her word not to let her get even a glimpse of it during my period away.
As for my manga and Twilight series, I still have no idea where the hell to hide them (now, when I'm writing this post; I'm sure I'll think of something before I leave).
My manga in my hard drive...Well, I made it invisible.
That applies for my zip files and...
...My music file. I can't believe that she had the nerve to sneak into my computer and STOLE some songs, namely Arashi and Crystal Kay.
She didn't even liked Japanese songs until I started listening to them!
Well, she can try to find those files all she wants, but she can NEVER find them.

I guess this post is about me flaming that bratty brat.
I can't wait to see her when I get home. I really want to know how much she suffered doing the chores that were supposed to be hers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Absence: Second Intermission

This is a real time post, one of the last in the Absence series.

I'm back, again; this time it's not a given holiday.
I requested to come home to settle my college applications and my accounts; I'm surprised they let me off with my reason stated as 'personal reason'.
Well, whatever.

I'm still sick.
After four weeks, I'm still sick.
I got better when I came home the last time, but as soon as I finished my antibiotic course, the virus got hold of me again.
I think this viral illness has become an epidemic. Almost everyone in the camp is sick.
Nobody is safe now, even the trainers themselves are down with it.

The reason for this epidemic may lie in the water that we're drank- the water in the mess hall.
You see, the water is unfiltered.
How did I know?
Let me tell you something disgusting.
Kelly (my schoolmate and fellow Charlie-an) left her bottle on the floor and took a nap.
After 15 minutes, she woke up.
You can imagine the horror when she found dust and other particles settled at the bottom of her bottle.
Like I said, the water tastes funny. Now, I know for sure.

Another reason I hate the life there is that I feel too controlled.
It's not like I can't live with rules or don't have discipline, but the rules that they set are just too much!
"You can't hang your towel here...Arrange your shoes in this order...Pull your bed sheets properly...You can't put your bags here..."
Come on!
I don't need you freaking people to tell me where the hell I should put my towels and in what order my shoes have to be in!
Cindy just shot the asst. dorm head today, verbally.
I was about to leave, so I pulled my bag out.
And here comes the glaring hawk and scolded me for putting my bag beside the bed instead of under.
So Cindy said, "She's going out of the camp today!"
You see what I mean?
This is what I call power abuse.

You know, I used to be a person who could live by the rules.
Now, I feel like breaking any rule I can find.
Nah, breaking rules isn't fun; bending them is.
I have indirectly warned the dorm heads a few weeks ago; never make an enemy out of me.
I won't do stupid things like breaking rules through and through; I'll bend them ever so slightly by finding the loopholes.
And if they want to report me to the trainers, by all means, go ahead.
They can't penalize me, cause I've not broken any rules.
This is how I can torture them without getting into trouble!
For instance, the rule of taking off my shoes when I want to go into the dorm; I'll wear my shoes and go out of the dorm.
And when I want to come in, I'll loosen my shoes to the tip of my foot and walk in. My shoes are off, it's just that it's hanging on the hinge of my foot.
If they say I can't put my luggage beside my bed, then I'll ask them to try to stuff my luggage under the bed.
If they scratch the surface, they'd have to buy me a new bag.
There are plenty of things that I can do.

Instead of making a better person out of me, it's bringing out the rebellious side.
What's the point of this, hmm?

I can be a really good friend and ally, but a horrible enemy. Watch out.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Absence: Act V

7 more weeks till I'm able to sleep on my own bed,
watch my favorite shows on tv,
start going to classes,
read manga till late night,
finally have a decent meal and...
listen to some tunes.
Gawd, I don't know how much longer I can stand without music.

For those who just tuned in, this is a pre-written post. I'm not here right now.
How? It's a feature that has been long implemented, so go figure it out.
Why? I don't want my blog to be abandoned while I'm gone.
I'm currently serving as a soldier in training; well, sort of.
And yes, I'm a GIRL serving in an army against my will.
And it's not an army, per se.
Blame my bad luck for being selected.
Hey, at least I get to play with guns, ne?


Today's random topic is...Japanese culture!
I'm totally fascinated by it; well, most of it.
I even have a friend who's taking a class on it.
And no, I'm not interested in it just because it's a current trend or anything.
If anyone noticed, I got hooked onto manga AFTER the Japanese wave.
I found and liked it by sheer curiosity and interest; not like those sheep following the crowd.
Though I had some help by Sapphira, since she's the one who introduced it; but mine's a different genre.
Think Air Gear and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

Every Monday, I look forward to Sarah Mori's article- A Sip of Matcha.
She writes about her life in the Land of Sunrise.
If you don't know where it is, you're a moron.
I've even kept a few articles and have asked my brother to keep 'em from the recycling bin while I'm gone.
[Bro: If you're reading this, I hope you did remember; or else I'll seriously kill you when I get back.]

Unlike most of the teenagers of the world, I don't look to the West for influence.
Okay, maybe I did back when I was 13 but I don't now.
Clubbing, hangouts, wild shindigs and frat parties sure are fun; and they were what I pictured my teen life would be filled with.
Though, I can't say for frat parties now; I'll get back to you when I start my uni life three years from now.
Anyways, I don't think that sort of life would suit me. It goes too much against my principle.
And I'm not trying to paint a negative picture of the culture and lifestyle of the West; I don't think Asians' chivalry will ever out...em...outpolite the Texans in the United States.
We're at our worst on the road; I think 'devil on wheels' would be the more appropriate term.

I'm pretty fine with staying at home and reading in my room; sitting in the lazy chair under the air conditioning or splayed out on the floor.
Who needs to go to the cinema when I have my very own sound system in my home?
Dancing? I can't dance to save my life, let alone go clubbing.
Parties...are just not my thing.

I think I'm the type that likes to do things alone or in a small group.
Like, drinking a Java Chip Frappucino and doing something with my laptop at the nearest Starbucks outlet,
or chatting with friends at the coffee shop,
or watching the clouds go by and looking for shapes,
or going paintballing with my bro and friends, [Bro, you better keep that promise!]
or hang out at Borders reading the 'browsing' copy of some manga titles,
or rofl at the TV shows at home,
or watch anime,
or even reading manga till late at night.
I'm more laid-back and mellow than my intense and wild self that I pictured when I was a lil more green...It's amazing what a couple of years could mean.
Yup, took it from Avril's 'Nobody's Fool'.


I guess that's it for this week.
And Bro, I do miss...watching Bleach with you.
Hey, save a few episodes for me, yeah?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Absence: Act IV

It's been how many weeks?
Four weeks.
I've not heard a single song for FOUR WEEKS!.
I think I can already see the light...

It's quite hard to get used to not being able to listen to a single song.
I mean when I'm still at home or anywhere else, my MP3 is always in my pocket.
I feel kinda naked without it.
It's true when I say that music IS my life.


I can actually imagine myself saying that in the fourth week.
The only sounds I'll probably be able to hear is the noise of the crickets, mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies.
Did I mention that I LOATHE bugs?

According to my friend, there are bugs almost everywhere you turn.
I can imagine the cockroaches in the baths; bugs in the bed and ants on the floor.
I bet a bug enthusiast will have the time of his life here; but it sure is hell for me.


For three months that I've been home, my skin has finally lighten up.
Years and years of standing under the sun while waiting for my mom has built up God-knows-how-much of melanin.
My underarms are actually ten shades lighter than my arms.
And in just four weeks, all my effort has come undone.
Mom says that I'll lighten up again once I start college; since I'm indoor most of the time and will only walk out and get into the car.


Only 8 weeks / 56 days more to go.
I can't wait to get home.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Absence: Act III

I wanted to leave the song player in my blog to buffer and play while I was typing this post.
But due to the sloth slow (not snail slow; not turtle slow; SLOTH slow. SLOTH are THE slowest.) net speed, I got tired and just played it from my winamp.
I still love the songs.
And I still hate the country's net speed.

To those who have awesome net speed, enjoy the songs.
For those who don't...Well, I'm sorry. I guess you're just as stuck in this as I am. But please enjoy it nonetheless.


Okay, April Fool's Day has come and gone.
I'm pretty sure you guys would have a really fun day playing pranks on friends and lecturers alike.
Or are you guys just too old and grown-up to do that kinda stuff anymore.
In that case, you guys are morons.
This is THE ONLY day where you can play a prank and not get into trouble. It's stupid to waste such a NICE day.
As for me, I'm not so sure.
Heck, I can't really predict what I'm gonna do right?
And I'm sure the trainers would have given me hell as punishment if I did play a prank.
Yes, I'm pretty sure they're killjoys and party poopers; but I can't say that until I met them, right?

For those who just tuned into this blog, this is a pre-written post.
In simple English, I'm not actually typing this post on the exact date; I'm typing way, way before.
Why? Just read my previous posts, Absence: Acts I & II.
This is not a beyond-the-grave post; I'm still very much alive, thankyouverymuch.


Okay, today's random post is about styles of writting.
Now, turn your attention to this link -> Berry Crazy Carmen <- Click it.
But don't turn off this tab, yeah?
How else are you gonna know what I'm gonna say?
She's my bro's friend but only an acquaintance of mine.
I like her style of writing; it makes people feel like she's the real lovable kind. Trust me, she is.
Frankly speaking, I can never manage to write like that.

I can't really pull off the cute, lovable and occasional Manglish (not unless I'm really sleepy or drunk, which I am never).
I can't help but change it back to proper English whenever I try to type in Manglish.
But at least this is better than a long essay, yeah?

I think my style depicts me as the serious and proper type.
At least, that's how my previous style of writing was.
...And that was how I was when I started Form 1.
Now, I'm the least bit serious when I don't need to and I'm certainly not proper.
I like laughing (but not smiling) and it only takes a lil to get me to rofl.
I don't know how I'll turn out when I come back.
心配でならない, I'm kinda stubborn when it comes to changing.
I'm pretty sure the discipline will soon wear off in about two weeks and I'll be back to my devil-may-care and easily-humored self, yeah?


I think the thing that I'll probably miss the most will be my music.
I mean, it's been 16 days without my MP3.
So when I come back, I'm gonna plug the earphones in my ear 24-7 for a whole month!

Spam my Cbox and I'll get back to you guys!
Luv ya'll, yeah?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Absence: Intermission

Hey there.
This is a real time post, believe me.
I'm allowed back home for three days in celebration for 'Ching Ming'. I got home at 11 in the morning yesterday.
I'll be DRAGGED back to the camp before 5 in the evening tomorrow.

See how I emphasized on the word DRAGGED?
It's official, I DO NOT and DID NOT have a fun time there.
LOUSY and MISERABLE are UNDERSTATEMENTS for the time period that I was there.
I'll probably be randomly flaming everything, so beware that you don't catch fire.

First off, we're separated into companies: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta; I'm in Charlie.
We, the girls, are placed to live on top of the hill while the guys are below in a valley.
Guys and girls are separated at all times to prevent couplings and other unwanted stuff.
The dorms are terrible, especially mine.
We of Charlie 1 a.k.a C1 are almost always plagued by monkeys. Yes, you heard right, MONKEYS.
They are always seen on top of the garbage bin rummaging for food.
If you're unlucky, they'll be sleeping on your bed when you walk into the dorm after lunch or classes.
So, you'll have monkey fur, leaves, dirt and probably even lice on your bed sheet.
The beds are hard and lumpy.
The bed sheets are dirty.

Next, is the bathrooms.
There are only five showers and there is absolutely no hot water.
You better hope that no one is washing their clothes outside while you're in the shower.
Chances are, the water will suddenly stop flowing and you're left naked, cold and shivering in there.

The food is absolutely terrible and the water smells funny.
The fish are almost always burnt or spoilt and some of the vegetables tastes bitter.
The fruits are sometimes not fresh and the yellow noodles has a really pungent chemical smell.
I swore never to eat breakfast if I could help it; I'd rather eat the biscuits that I can get my parents to bring.
When I came home, most of the people said that I lost a lot of weight; which isn't surprising, considering that I have to climb hills everyday to get back to the dorms, I'm still sick and the food is terrible.

The trainers have no mercy.
I was forced to march even when I had fever.
Even if I did raise my hand and said that I was unwell, they'd give us the long lecture about pretending to be sick to skip the sessions.
I've been sick ever since two weeks ago.
I had sore throat for a few days.
Then I had fever; my temperature spiked up as I was marching and I almost fainted.
Then I had a cold, which I still have...
And now, I have a really bad cough to add to the list of sickness.
So, you expect that there's the doctor there?
All they ask you to do is list down all your aches and pains and they'll issue you some medicine!

If you think that this is fun, I think that you're INSANE!
When my dad came to pick me up yesterday, I felt like I was walking out of the prison and into the free world.
Believe it or not, I'm actually striking down the days I have left in that HELLHOLE!
I have exactly 32 days / 5 weeks / 1 month till I leave for good.
Why and how?
I just received the Letter of Offer from the college I applied for.
I saw the opportunity to get out of the hellhole with my entering to the May intake. My classes are commencing on the 18th of May and I'll be leaving on the 11th.
But...since the camp has the semester holidays which starts on the 9th to the 11th, I'll take that time to leave for good.
I'll return to the camp on the 13th of May to submit my leave and get my cert which states that I have finished my stint.
Then, I won't have to be dragged back at all.

Sure, I do love the unarmed combat class but there are plenty of classes which I don't like.
The Character Building class has just ended, so the next class on the list is some boring patriotic one.
I don't like the instructors who are sometimes biased and I hate the life there.
On the positive side, I've lost some weight and am tougher.
I think I'm able to survive the harsher conditions compared to the people who aren't selected to join this stint.
I have the comfort to know that I was one of the only few who knew how to iron and wash my clothes by hand. There were plenty of my dorm mates who don't.

So, what's my stand on this stint?
There are pros and cons, but the cons outweighs the pros.

I really do hope that the days will fly by real fast.