- Update blog whenever she feels like it
- Watch out for new releases for manga (daily)
- Get 2 volumes of Japanese manga from Hakusensha or any other manga publisher
- Finish her short stories
- Back up savedata
- Survive PG and hopefully, PhD
- Complete most of her games in her game list
- Catalogue her mountain of unzipped and uncategorized manga in her desktop / hard disk
- Finish the drama that she's got in her hard disk

- (11/28) プリンスPiaキャロット [PC]
- (12/19) 放課後colorful*step ~うんどうぶ!~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 大正鬼譚 [PSP]
- (12/19) 月影の鎖 ~狂爛モラトリアム~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 剣が君 [PC]
- (12/26) Jewelic Nightmare

NB: Despite the overall static-ness of the blog, the game page is updated every now and then because gaming is something she'll never give up, ever.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Was supposed...

Was supposed to attend a Physics-Chem seminar today, but it was moved to next week.
Was supposed to start taking driving lessons now, but I didn't call the instructor.
Was supposed to think of ways to earn money to buy stuff, but my first proposal was shot off by my parents.
Was supposed to figure out the last few bits of Missing U (song from o2jam) on the keyboard, but did Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude instead. I want to learn to play with my left hand, it feels bad being useless on the piano.
Was supposed to sleep early today, but I didn't.
Was supposed not to waste my weekends away, but I played Kingdom Hearts:CoM the whole of Saturday and Sunday afternoon and read chapter 13 of Ludwig Kakumei.

...Was supposed to do a hell lot of other stuff, but didn't.

Random: I like reading about happy endings because I know that life is anything but that.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Meaning of a Blue Sky / Random Babble

I'm going to have my haircut in around two hours. My fringe has been getting in my way of seeing stuff and I'd be glad to have it short.

Was practicing Switchfoot's 'The Awakening' on my guitar just a moment ago, since there wasn't any classes today. The Math teacher has something going on in his school and the Malay teacher couldn't come 'cause of school too. I really want to switch to electric guitar, the chords seem to be much, much easier compared to acoustic and my fingers are just too short to reach and bar some of them. I really hate having small hands! *tries to pull finger and make it longer*

Today's title is a lil random. I didn't have anything in mind about what I wanted to say, nor what theme it should be. Perhaps, it should be random babble.

A blue sky occurs when it's a warm and clear day, or only slight wisps of clouds in the sky. Kinda like a new start after a long series of unfortunate events, at least that's what I think.
Also, it gives the feeling of new hope, like a really good push of energy after a great fall.

Like I said, I'm really random today.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm a Manga Freak! Whooo~

The connection for my sister's computer is so bad that I am forced to ask to download from my brother. In exchange, he's playing Sims 2 in mine. The bouncy 'build' song is loud in the study room as he's left my desk to wash the floor outside.

Did you know that I finish reading the newspaper before Facebook actually loaded?
Yeah, it was that slow.

Well then, the title's more of a shout-out than a confession. Why? Cause I'm really bored now.
So, to curb my boredom while I'm waiting for my download to finish, then store it in my pendrive and transfer it to my own computer to sort and stuff, I'm gonna tell you how it all started; reading. *grins* I don't have my onion pictures, so I'll just * my actions.
You can leave if you want.

I'd have to say, it started when I was really young; I think when I was around three. We just moved from Singapore back to Malaysia just after dad's transfer.
We, my brother and I, didn't have much toys to play with. A set of kitchen appliances, dolls, teddy bears and a tricycle was all that we had. I remember there was once when I took one of mom's planner and scribbled all over it. When she came back home from work, I got into trouble.

...To tell you the truth, I don't really remember how or why I started to like reading. The reason with the lack of toys was just a theory on how it started. It just happened and... Well, maybe it was a way for me to go places and experience things that I could never have. I don't know.

None of my family members are readers; dad's too busy with work to read, the only thing mom reads are cookbooks, bro occasionally reads his Star Wars novels (he's yet to finish them and he only has four) while sis prefers the telly and toys than books. My paternal grandparents are both barely literate while I doubt my maternal ones have time for books. None of my cousins are bookworms like me.

I used to read anything I could get my hands on; to a point where my parents scolded me for the really huge amount of money spent on books. I'm more picky now, since my dad has laid the condition where I'm buying the books with my allowance and he'll only subsidize 50% of it.
It's time for me to claim that subsidies.

As for manga, it started only two years ago. The whole Manga trend started that time too, but I took it up later, when the whole thing simmered down a little.
It was before PMR that Sapphira introduced me to manga, she was reading Eternal Sabbath. I blew it off by saying that I don't like it and will never like it at all. Words are really hard to swallow back.
It was after PMR that I got curious about the whole manga thing. Since I didn't need to go to school anymore and have more than three months of vacation time, I started to look for it. At first, I stumbled upon Stoptazmo. The titles there were limited and I read my first, Alice 19th.
I liked loved it.

I looked for more manga titles in Wikipedia. It generated a hell lot and I was devastated that I couldn't find any of them in Stoptazmo. Also in Wikipedia that I found the genre that I liked was called shoujo. I liked some shonen titles but kept away from josei, shounen-ai and shoujo-ai. As much as I was fine with the topic of homosexuals, I'd prefer that my dad didn't find a reason to keep me away from my new found hobby. He did try to stop me though, saying:

Manga= hentai
I was shocked and I proved to my dad, letting him read one of those innocent ones, like Dear Mine. He didn't say anything about it ever since.

The next site was VNManga, based in none other than Vietnam. It required copper to download (which you could earn by posting in forums or donating). I posted a few to get the titles that I wanted, but got tired of posting. I found NarutoFan, but it required me to pay and subscribe to download (which in my opinion, sucks). NarutoFan is in trouble with the manga scanslators and reader community. I mean, the scanslators are not charging for the scans and translations but he is getting all the profit! If he needs the money to maintain the servers, he should ask for donations instead! People will understand and be happy to help.

The following two sites are the ones where I get my manga from, namely Shoujo Manga Download or SMD and Mangatraders. SMD is where I get the unlicensed manga from (since they only host unlicensed ones) and Mangatraders is where I get everything. One thing I didn't get in Mangatraders is the friends I made in SMD! I'm really glad to have met them. *big smile*

Speaking of Mangatraders, they've come a long way. Back when I found the site, it was quite messy and members were scarce, but now it's really organized with thousands of members. They don't require people to post or pay to download. Any one could upload the manga chapters and find some other way to contribute. Or you could just leech 'em like me! *laughs*
I did try to upload one chapter but my connection sucked so much that the upload bar barely moved after two hours.
Kudos to Aftershock, Zraith and Yukimura for the existance of this site that creates joy to thousands of manga addicts like me!
A few months ago, they had some legal trouble with some manga publishers, Tokyopop and some other that I forgot. They agreed to remove titles and the whole thing was settled. My only grief was that Saiunkoku Monogatari was one of them. Looks like I'll have to buy it if I really want to know what happens.

I've decided to get the ones I really want to read and keep; like Vampire Knight, Ouran High Host Club, Skip Beat!, The Bride of the Water God and Perfect Girl Evolution. But I'll just have to wait till next year to ask for a raise in my allowance. *sigh*

Time for dinner. I don't think I'll update this often, maybe once a week. Wonder when the connection will get better and when will dad decide to fix my wireless...
Only 136 more days till SPM and I'M NOT READY!!!
*falls from the chair and hopes for a coma*

Thursday, June 19, 2008



It's been two days since I last logged in to Facebook. Stupid net.
I'm forced to read my wall posts by the notification mail they sent.

To Jon: The thing you and your friend did was really cool! I too don't agree to the whole hour thing. I'll write more when I can actually login again.

Well, the homeroom teacher announced our positions in class two days ago. Sapphira got first; Cynthia's third; I'm eighth. *sigh*
Tomorrow is Open Day but I'm not going, neither is mom.
I don't think that dad will be happy with what I got, nor will he show it if he was; he never seemed to get excited even when I got second in class when I was in Form 1 & 2 or when I got first two years ago.
The worst I got was last year, 16th.

Nothing much has happened, other than the sudden reappearance of the exchange student in school. He was missing for two months. Not really missing as in kidnapped missing; just nobody knew where he went. Whatever, I don't really like him.
We had a really bad start last year. I was sitting in the bus, getting ready to go to the National Science Centre for a seminar on Pharmacy, with a really bad headache (due to someone's noisy sleeping). He just came up, took the seat next to me and started asking questions about stuff. Of course, I was polite enough to answer his questions with short answers and then thunk-ed my head on the window and closed my eyes.
That was the first and last conversation we ever had and I'm fine with not talking to him at all.
Yes, I'm that unfriendly.

I've got 20 more minutes till Mythbusters. I'll go finish reading Shinshi Doumei Cross.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Father's day got up to a bad start. A few of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
Dad was upset that we woke up 'really early' and so was mom. I woke up at 10 and spent an hour in the bathroom doing my laundry (yes, I do my own). Bro was being the 'good' boy and blamed me saying that I was the cause of everything. I got blamed when sis woke up late too. What the hell?
It's not my fault that she didn't want to sleep.

Actually, dad came out of his room yesterday night and found me still at my desk (it was 1 in the morning). I was unzipping, rearranging and cataloging my manga volumes after not doing it for three months. It started to get annoying when I couldn't find the particular chapter I wanted to read about (this is procrastination at its worst) . I'll tell you how it works later.

Mom wanted to go the mall (1U) today and I told her that I'll go too, since I wanted to check if my novels had arrived. But the vibe I got from her was so bad that I said I'll stay home. When bro saw that I was wearing Bermudas instead of cargo pants (if I'm going out, it's cargo pants; i wear Bermudas when I'm home), he yelled at me, saying that I ruined his alone time. Apparently, he wanted the max connection to play CABAL. Speaking about CABAL, it started to get boring and I'm thinking of quitting; I'm already on hiatus.
Back to the subject. Mom heard us shouting and decided to not go. She then told dad (he was supposed to fetch us there 'cause he was taking the cars for servicing) that she wasn't going until I ran out the front door and climbed into the car. If I didn't, bro would have nagged my ears off. I swear, he's far worst than a woman!

The first place we went was Popular bookshop. I told mom that it would be better if we went to the one at Ikano since it is the largest one in Malaysia, I think. The only one up to comparison is the one in Orchard Road, Singapore. We found the workbooks for Physics, Chemistry and Biology; for Form 4 and 5. The only one missing was Add Math and Physics for Form 4. Another reason for Ikano's Popular is that they sell disks. I'm planning to buy one stack of my own and have the liberty of burning whatever I want in them, without bro's queries about what I'm doing with them.

Second was to Momoe. Mom liked the bag she bought last week so much that she said she wanted the other one she saw. When we were there, another one caught her eye and she ended up buying two.

Then, we split up at the escalator. She didn't know that I was no longer following her and she called. I told her that I was heading to MPH to look for my novels and she said she'll call when she's done grocery shopping for tonight's dinner. She then called me and said to wait for her at Hinode as she wanted to buy the crystal jellies for her plants.

After that, we walked to the bakery and she bought the baguette and other stuff to feed the two hungry monkeys at home (sis called earlier to ask mom to by kebabs back, request denied). Dad called and told us that he'll be there in 10-15 minutes (according to mom) but it was 45 minutes before he came and picked us up. I told dad that his ability to estimate time sucks and wonder how can he afford to be wrong in his line of work. He said that it wasn't him doing the work (on the car) and if it was him, he'd be on time. Yeah...

So, that's how Father's day went for me. It's not over yet but I doubt anything else will happen.
What I got out of shopping with mom? Two novels; one Ella Enchanted and another one titled Define Normal, a portable book light (so that I could read in my room and not disturb some 'princess's' sleep and more workbooks.

Now, how I manage my manga volumes...
First would be the downloading either from Mangatraders, Shoujo Manga Downloads or from the sites of the scanslators themselves.
It'll end up in My Documents and I'll drag it into my folder named "Manga-Zip Files", and then into another sub-folder named "Unzipped Manga". The zip files will then be unzipped using Winrar and I'll read it there and then.
When I have time or am in the mood, I'll do the next step; when I don't, it'll just be left at that folder until it looks really full or till I get annoyed by the messy chapters.
It involves renaming the title or the page number, so I can fit all the chapters into one volume.
I don't like reading manga by chapters, so I'll have to do a bit of work to get it the way I want it.

Let's say that chapter 28 was named like above, and the next chapter, 29, was named like this:
Shinshi_Doumei_Cross_v07_c29_001; the chapter after next, 30, was named sdc_v7_ch30_1. This example is one situation which I hate this most; when all the chapters have different names. It makes work harder and my fingers ache at the end of the day.
Most of the time, only 1 or 2 chapters will have a different name and the other 3 or 2 would have the same (based on a volume which has 4 chapters).
I'll pick up the name that majority has and change minority. When all the chapters are different, I'll use my default naming:
(abbreviation of title)_v(no.)_ch(no.)_pg0(no.)- If the title has more than two words or (title)_v(no.)_ch(no.)_pg0(no.) if the title is two words or less.

SDC_v07_ch29_pg001 (Shinshi Doumei Cross)
Punch!_v01_ch03_pg032 (Punch!)
The window would be at detail mode and the dimension would be dragged smaller so that the options for actions would appear at the top of the cursor instead of below.
Why? Rename is second last.
My left fingers would be at ctrl+c to copy the initial name and ctrl+v to paste and right fingers alternating between typing the numbers and to move the mouse.
Back when I was stupid (yeah, I was. You'll see why later), I used my mouse to right click, copy the initial name and right click twice to select rename and paste. Silly, huh?

As soon as the renaming is done, I'll move the whole chapter into my Manga folder and into its respective title and volume folder. Then, I'll move the zip files into their respective folders inside Manga-Zip Files. Usually, I'll have three windows opened to make life easier.

When I've downloaded a new title, I'll make two folders, one in Manga (with the title, thumbnail picture and have the checkbox for compression to save disk space ticked) and the other one in the Zip Files (title, compression. Zip files are in tile view).

If a particular title is completed, I'll archive it with WinRar and put it into a sub-folder named Completed Manga in Manga-Zip Files. These archives will be burnt into cds and any files concerning it will be deleted to free up space.

If I want to read it in the future, I'll just take the disk out and unzip it and delete it when I'm done. The same is done for anime.

Well, since I was interrupted yesterday and I couldn't finish dealing with Bride of the Water God and Skip Beat, I'll go finish it by signing off here. Not to forget, I promised sis that I would give her Hana Kimi to read...

See yah.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Day

I spent the whole day in school reading Reader's Digest. Yup, Audrey brought a few today. Read two really touching stories. One was about a woman who found her significant other when she accidentally sent a wrong message via cell phone; another was about a mom who did all she could when her son had a bad fall and became invalid. Even the volunteers were extremely helpful when she needed a hand. Sadly, the guy (yes, guy. He was 21) died when the feeding tube of his pumped the food into his lungs instead of his stomach; he was recovering from pneumonia and that just made it worst.

As for Physical Ed., none of us (other than a few guys) went down. We were pretty much out of whack with the time. I mean, usually we'd be having recess at 10.05-10.30 a.m; but today it was 9 something. Normally, my stomach would signal that it's hungry some time around 9.30. I don't really eat anything before school; sometimes only managing to grab some digestive biscuits or mom packed an extra something in my brown bag.
We didn't do much other than discuss add math and the math teacher started a new topic.

I finally got my Biology marks, 62 means a B3. I'm still wondering why my Bio marks would always be higher than my other Science subjects; and this particular subject is one that I didn't have any extra help on. Weird.

That's pretty much what happened today. Boring huh?
Well, it's my life and if you feel bored when you're reading this, you'd know how I feel living it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Just managed to crawl out of the mild bout of depression. Yes, you heard me, I'm depressed; rather, I was. Which explains my disappearance for two days.

Nothing much happened, other than taking class pictures for the past two days. I hate taking pictures but had to appear in three of them; the class of 5A, librarian and blue house. I won't buy them at all. Prefer to have no whatsoever photographic evidence that I actually existed, which in fact is impossible due to my parent's over-excitement with the birth of their first kid and went trigger happy with the camera. I wanted to burn those pictures but mom got curious when I moved the albums to the garden and was looking for a match.

Anyways, I'm not really inspired to write about anything right now; I'm still feeling pretty down.
Tomorrow might be a better day (which I seriously doubt) so I'll go off and wait till it's time for Mythbusters. And I smell baked cheesecake!

This might be my shortest post.

PS: Excessive sulfur in the bloodstream will turn your blood green(avocado green).

Monday, June 9, 2008

Exam Papers

After two weeks of supposed fun and joy (more like boredom and near insanity), we're back in school. The teachers sure know when to give back our papers, talk about perfect timing. I'm feeling so bad today and I don't need anyone to rub it in.

There are two subjects which are a lost cause for me: Additional Math and Chemistry. Things will start to go wrong if what I did (or wrote) made sense; which is exactly what happened during the above mentioned papers. Even my Math was a horrid C5 ( I left out a few major questions which was worth 15 marks each). It's getting really depressing.
Getting a stellar result for the upcoming public exam is totally out of my range. I'll try my hardest and will do my best, but I won't guarantee that my best would make me an outstanding student. That dream was gone as soon as I stepped into the class last year and found out which teachers will be taking all the classes. Looks like things this year aren't reviving that dream either.

The only upside is me maintaining my A2 grade on my Malay and a improvement from a B3 to an A1 for my History. I mean, who cares about the FREAKING HISTORY?!?!

The only good thing I've heard is from Audrey. She said that I got the highest in class for English.
Well, I thought I screwed my second essay when I spent too much time on the first; which was directed writing (where they give you a title and notes and have you elaborate and add any relevant information). The second essay is the continuous writing which they give you 5 topics and have you write it in no less than 350 words. No notes or any form of help is given.
I chose the first question, which was to write about the person who had the most influence over you, in under 10 minutes (the advised time is supposed to be an hour for this and 45 minutes for the previous essay).
I'll find out when we have our English class on Thursday.

We'll be getting back our Physics, Morale and Biology tomorrow. I don't even want to think about how I did for Physics. Things made sense and I'm afraid that it'll end up like Chemistry and Add Math. It's getting more and more depressing as I speak.

Right, the school's implemented that the whole school's having Physical Ed. on the same day. Yeah, you heard me; THE WHOLE SCHOOL.
Imagine over 800 students running around the school, two thirds of them are immature kids running amok with their friends.
Imagine that same amount of students fighting for the basketball court, or the small badminton field that we have, or the only three ping pong tables that the school owns and the miserable and torn paddles, shuttlecocks and Frisbees that the school is able to loan.
Then imagine the same amount of students fighting for the toilets to change back into their uniforms when the school only opens up two toilets for each genders (2 for guys, 2 for girls) since the are reinforcing the 'no wearing your sports shirt after recess rule'.

The school has more than 14 toilets and 2 changing rooms available.
Changing rooms? Since you have changing rooms, why don't they open it?!?!
I'll tell you what they do with the changing rooms. They use it to store the old newspapers they collect from the students!

Sometimes, I wonder why I wanted to stay in this school (hence making the note I wrote in Facebook dated sometime between February or March totally contradicting).

I need to sleep so I can have enough energy to withstand another letdown tomorrow.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Boredom; Act Seven, The Finale

I woke up today feeling a lil heartbroken (for some unknown reason) and melancholic. The feeling stays still; maybe it's just because the break has ended and school's reopening tomorrow.
Since tomorrow is Monday, there's gonna be a really long assembly and the principal's speech is gonna be really boring. Maybe, if I'm brave enough (or stupid enough), I'd fall asleep again and sleep pass the whole thing.

Played Puzzle Quest today and got my wizard to lvl 22. It's one of those RPG games made in the 90s (I think) and you are a hero in making; saving your kingdom by driving out the undead monsters which has started to crawl out of the ground, terrorizing the people. It's kinda like Bejeweled, just that the things you match are your mana reserves and there are skulls that can help you kill or kill you. It's a good exercise for your brain.

Bro was blaming me for the loss of his Biology textbook. I remember returning it to him after I finish revising the Form 4 chapters. He kept asking me where I've kept it and I told him that I didn't have it with me. So after dinner, I went to look at the cabinet inside the music room and found it there. I think he left it in there and forgot all about it. *rolls eyes*

Nothing much went on today, and this is the final act in Boredom (for the time being).

To credit my melancholic feelings today, I'm gonna sing Wounded by Good Charlotte. Prepare to hear my awful singing!

Lost and broken
Hopeless and lonely
Smiling on the outside
A hurt beneath my skin

My eyes are fading
My soul is bleeding
I'll try to make it seem okay
But my faith is wearing thin

So help me heal these wounds
They've been open for way too long
Help me fill this soul
Even though this is not your fault
That I'm open
And I'm bleeding
All over your brand new rug
And I need someone to help me sew them up

I only wanted a magazine
I only wanted a movie screen
I only wanted the life I'd read about and dreamed
And now my mind is an open book
And now my heart is an open wound
And now my life is an open soul for all to see

But help me heal these wounds
They've been open for way too long
Help me fill this soul
Even though this is not your fault
That I'm open
And I'm bleeding
All over your brand new rug
And I need someone to help me...

So you come along
I'll push you away
Then kick and scream for you to stay
Cuz I need someone to help me
Oh, I need someone to help me

To help me heal these wounds
They've been open for way too long
Help me fill this soul
Even though this is not your fault
That I'm open
And I'm bleeding
All over your brand new rug
And I need someone to help me sew them,
I need someone to help me fill them,
I need someone to help me close them up

Friday, June 6, 2008

Boredom; Act Six

It's the last days of the holidays. We're going back to school when the weekends are over. *long sigh*

Apparently, sis got smart (rather, it was stupid bro's idea anyways) to set a password for her pc. Yes, I knew why he went into my room yesterday night and what they were talking about.
I will do whatever it takes to maintain my online status; besides, dad already asked me when my wireless burnt out and I foresee a visit from the techs some time soon. I still have work to do which requires the net; didn't think of that huh, smart alecs?

Went to watch Kung Fu Panda today with the small one. She met her friend Julia there and the two were talking up a storm. Great...
The show was okay. It was funny and brainless, recommended for anyone who needs a good laugh.

Now for book recommendations: XD
To anyone reading this, I would like to recommend this book I bought three days ago.

Even though it's meant for kids 10-14, it's still a good read.
It tackles the part on school bullies and name-calling; it also points out that we shouldn't judge people by their looks.
Sometimes, we get so caught up with our lives and peers that we start doing the wrong thing just to fit in.
At least, that's what I thought after finishing that book.

For girls who like a funny and romantic read at the same time, try reading these:

Of all the Simon & Schuster Teen Fiction for Romance and Comedy, I highly recommend all these three. They are by far the funniest, even though sometimes they are a bit generic and cheesy. My favorite would be Major Crush by Jennifer Echols.

For those who seek knowledge instead of romance, try the Dear America, I am America and The Royal Diaries series.

Both are by Kristiana Gregory and are two of seven that I own. Yeah, I'm way out of the age range but so what? I like reading about historical stuff.
I wanted to buy the whole series but there's only two places that sells them; Kinokuniya at KLCC and the Pay Less Bookstores. It's way, way expensive at the first place and it's hard to find at the second one, since it is a second-hand bookstore. It's always my first stop whenever I go to the mall, before heading to MPH.

Well, that's it for today. Family guy is airing and I kinda like the baby who talks.

If I don't post tomorrow or reply the cbox, it means that mission 'come online' has failed. So my advance apologies if I really don't get to reply your messages. Go ahead, you can blame the two monkeys in the house.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boredom; Act Five

Today was another boring day; and I'm one day closer to the reopening of school. The day I dread is looming closer...
Oh well, I was typing this at my brother's computer while he uses sis's for his Star Wars game. I was waiting for the upload of my pics to finish but it was already time for Mythbusters.
I'm back at my sis's computer now and she's getting prissy about it. If she gets prissy, she'll complain to dad; if she complains to dad, he'll get annoyed and will (hopefully) fix my wireless. Problem solved.

Anyways, I finally got to clean up my room, the bookcase in my room and my desk. It took me less than 3 hours and I did manage to throw away a lot of stuff that I didn't really need; like the stupid spray bottle that couldn't work, the kindergarten book I was keeping for the sake of memory, the bubblegum wrapper that I bought during vacation (I have no idea when or where, and it still smells of vanilla. Yes, vanilla bubblegum.), the draft papers I used when I was practicing my math in the room and some of the newspaper clippings I kept but don't remember why. I stared at it for a few seconds before saying "What the heck." and threw them into the bag.

I even refolded the clothes in my wardrobe, it looked like a tornado hit it before I did. Mom would have screamed her lungs out if she saw how it was before.

This is my messy room; it's messy to my mom that is...

It's in an ugly shade of pink (for those who don't know me well, I HATE PINK) Mom said that it's blossom red; but no matter what fancy name they put it, IT'S STILL PINK! Five years I've been tormented with that color!

The first thing you might notice would be the pile of junk on top of the box. Yeah, that... The shrink wrap contains the stuff my friends in school bought from the catalog that I subscribe to, there are test papers underneath it, a photo album and my cloth bag.
There's a guitar at the side and it's my dad's. I prefer my dad's so I brought his up and left mine downstairs at the music room. Hehe...
The good thing about having my bed near the wall and window is that I can stare out at the sky when I can't sleep or lean on the wall while reading. See the white blob there, it's the toy dog my friend Sapphira gave me as a present the year before and I love it to bits! My fav. cyan hoodie hangs with my bag.
In this picture: (In the background) My wardrobe with a Kelly Clarkson poster in front, two Sister Princess posters at the side and part of sis's bed.
My keyboard, my dolls standing on the sheet stand; my bookcase, a box with on a stool that is filled with sis's stuff and my school bag underneath a pile of notes.

This is my bookcase; my pride and joy! Initially, the bottom was supposed to be a place for my sister, but she doesn't read and ends up putting her Barbie beach car in there and says it's her garage.
So, I vacated the place and put the remaining stack of my books there. The top would be the ones that I'll read most often; the second would be occasional and the bottom would be really rare. Yes, I do own Chinese novels and they're at the bottom shelf.

That door leads to the bathroom.
See that blue thing in the far corner? That's Dory and her huge eyes. She used to be on sis's bed and it gave me the creeps when I wake up and have it staring at me, especially in the middle of the night. :X

This is the bag I bought the day before. And Matty (yes, that's its name) is chewing on my new watch!

My previous watch is on the right. Looks dainty, huh? The straps are handwoven.
Also, I let it run one to many times in the washing machine when I left it in the pocket of my uniform.
I'm sure its successor would not go through that experience. My mom would kill me if it did.

Had a lil fun while rearranging my bookcase. This is the amount of books on the first shelf; 25 if I'm not mistaken.
Got that bookmark (yes, the red thing dangling in front is a bookmark) from the museum while visiting Taiwan.

After cleaning, my room looked better and mom was happier.

The pile of junk cleared and my bedside table rearranged.

My bookcase rearranged and the floor cleared. The missing chair reappeared, sis took it to the study room when she was watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.
Oops, left the hammer there after fixing my wardrobe. Yes, some girls do know how to use tools and fix stuff.

This is my desk, after cleaning up.

And this is the amount of books that we need to carry everyday. I'm not kidding!
It's the worst when it comes to days when it's one period each for nine periods of class. Those are only textbooks, don't forget the workbooks and exercise books.
Imagine the weight of the bag...Then imagine climbing up three floors.

My thoughts exactly. And they're wondering why we're experiencing sore backs at a young age.

This is my very huge screen and all my post-it posts.
Top: Tuition schedule.
Left: Timetable of subject in school.
Down: (left half) Manga titles I'm watching to download in SMD; (right half) brief notes on using Photoshop.
Right: (top) List of characters in Love Catalog when doing translation for En.tro.py.; (bottom) notes of symbols I used to inform the editor or the QC'er if they need to do some rechecking on the language or to find out about something.

That's the end of the tour of my living and working space. I doubt it'll stay tidy for long; I'd give it three days tops.

Oh yeah, today's Mythbusters episode involves three myths and I shall be a spoiler and tell you the conclusions:

  1. It is possible to shoot a fish in a barrel without actually getting a good aim. It's the sudden pressure change when the bullet passes through the water that kills them, not the actual shot at its body.
  2. Milk (full cream/ full fat) is the only way to cure the heat of a chili pepper, such as jalapeño and so on. Water, beer, spirits, tequila, toothpaste, wasabi and worst of all, petroleum jelly does not work. Who'd be that stupid to use petroleum jelly in the first place?
  3. Elephants are afraid of mice; which is quite a shock actually. Didn't expect the elephant to be afraid of such a small animal. Even though it didn't run off and cause a stampede like in the cartoons, it was cautious of it during the experiment. Still, it did prove that the myth is true.
Well then,I'm off to bed. Tomorrow's the last day of the holiday and it's a long time till the next break.

Ps: Kudos to AquaSixio or Rolando Cyril for his amazing artwork! The name of the picture of my header is Strangle Oasis while the background is Silent Prayer. The previous Miho was something I spotted on the net without an owner to credit. Thanks Rolando for producing such beautiful art!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boredom; Act Four, Part Two

Nyeh, I didn't get to pack up my room after all. I spent the whole afternoon reading one of the novels I bought yesterday. It was nice, I laughed a lot.

Had another round of DDR again. This time the '<-' of the dancing mat doesn't work anymore. See, bad things always happen when I am happy. I told mom about my theory (yes; it is proven that it's true. I'm the living proof!) that I'm the kind of person God or any unseen force that has the ability to create and destroy at the same time has marked me as the kind of being that can NEVER be too happy. Things will always go wrong if I do.

I shan't dwell on the fact that I can't be happy anymore. If that force wants me to be indifferent about anything or anyone, I sure won't go stop myself from feeling otherwise.
I'm a pessimist and I'm pretty comfortable living my life as one.

Speaking of which, one thought came into my mind while I was mindlessly staring at the sky.
What happens to us when we die?
I know, nobody knows.
But what's the point of living life and then just disappear suddenly when we die?
Why work and restrain ourselves when we only have limited time to enjoy this course that we call life?
Why slave over something when we know that we'll lose it eventually?
Why seek the knowledge of the world and lose it all when our time ends?
It's not true that no one can take away the knowledge you hold in your mind. There is one, Death.

Yeah, yeah. I know, girls at my age won't be thinking of all these questions at all.
All they probably think of is which eye candy is crushing on her, if eating another helping of salad with low fat dressing would make her fat or if the blouse she just bought a big mistake and that it makes the invisible flab on her tummy obvious when she goes to the pool party.

I'm born with a brain, might as well use it to think; even if I can only use 10% of it.
Which gets me thinking...Is it possible to use the brain to its full potential?

Heck yeah
But how? And what do you get if the brain is at its fullest potential?
So many questions...But no answers to those questions.
I have more, but I don't think I'll get anyone to answer all of them.
Yea, I am a very curious cat whose waiting for a question that will finally kill me.
And no, I do not want to be killed; I just turned 17 and barely lived out my life.

All in all, I'm just another bored teen who is very curious and comes up with nonsensical questions when she is left without anything to keep her mind occupied.

Boredom: Act Four, Part One

My wireless no longer works, so I'm stuck using my sister's computer until my dad finally decides to fix mine. Until then, her desk will be my 'working' space.
How I get my sis to agree on this? A lifetime of servitude in exchange for a song by the Cheetah Girls. I even got it in black and white. Diabolical, I am very much.

The cleaner didn't come today, so I had to take over the chores department. But all I did was to vacuum the upstairs and get rid of the cobwebs in hard to reach places.

Anyways, I'm proud of myself to have the strength to put off reading my novels after wrapping them at 2 in the morning. I'd usually care less about sleeping and will dive head first into my novels. My self-control is getting better now, I guess.

The Young and Hopeless by Good Charlotte is blasting from my earphones and I plan to pack up my room, desk and then play DDR again. School starts in 5 days and I'll soon bury myself with work. I've lost my direction and spirit before and am giving my all to regain my fighting spirit
. With my future on the line, I do not want risk it. Heck, I'll have three months worth of break time (if I'm not selected for the National Service program) and the rest of my life to enjoy life...If I get a good education and a good job. All I need is a little push from my own self.

Alright, I'm off to start with whatever I've planned.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boredom; Act Three, Part Two

Well, I was typing this at my brother's computer while he was trying the make my wireless work. It did, so I came back to my own desk and it's pretty much where I still am...Whatever.
I just hope that my wireless will work again tomorrow or I won't be able to check my mail; answer posts, download my manga and write this.

So, I went out with my mom for a girl's day out (the two monkeys where left at home) at 1U. We went our separate ways as soon as mom and I located the post office (if you ever need to find it, take the escalator down from Giant and you'll see it on your left). I went to MPH bookstore to get my erm...annual? No, doesn't sound right...biannual? Well, I just go to that bookshop at random times, no specific patterns of time; sometimes once every few months, sometimes only once a year. Anyways, I didn't know what MPH stood for until like three seconds ago.

Brief history of MPH or Malaysian Publishing House...is still too long for me to tell.
You can check it out here.

So, I spent over an hour there debating with myself which book I should get. Since I didn't come on my birthday and the novel I want was already out, it was settled that I'd get that. I stood at the shelves thinking and calculating how much I would be spending if I got another book.
I decided to get my usual Simon & Schuster Teen Romance Comedy series (not really a series, but whatever) by Catherine Hapka, titled Something Borrowed and another one titled The Misfits by James Howe, published by Aladdin.

While I was debating with myself on which book to buy, I kinda noticed the people around me.
In my observations, I noticed that that there are three kinds of teens nowadays (this only applies in Malaysia and no where else).
The subjects of observations were three girls trying to decide on which book they wanted to buy. One was commenting on how boring the book was even if she HADN'T EVEN READ IT BEFORE!. Her reason on why the book is boring?


I can admit that I come from a different planet and find these creatures who call themselves 'Humans' and claims that they are the smartest animals found on this planet aren't really that smart at all. (-____-)
Maybe the statement from the movie 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" was true after all.
Dolphins are the second most intelligent mammals on Earth; humans being the third and mice being the first.

These are the results of my observations:
->There are those who speaks English with a really FAKE British or American accents in hopes to fool others to think that they are "fluent" in the language.
Come on, from the conversation I overheard I could tell that she speaks Chinese at home and English is not a common language she uses.
Shall I add that there is a lot of grammatical mistakes in her sentence?
(Correct verb should be 'were'; that was intentional)
-> There are those who speaks English with an accent, but it isn't to impress anyone.
-> And there are those who doesn't speak English at all. One word would blow their cover.

Look, I'm not trying to brag or anything.
I know that my English does suck sometimes and I still make mistakes when it comes to tenses.
I still find myself lost for words and still commit (am I using the right word?) grammatical errors in my conversations and writing.
Anyways, I just wanted to say...

You're not impressing anyone and even a retarded monkey with bad hearing would know that the accent was FAKE. Do I need to spell it out for you? F-A-K-E

Since that's out of my system, time to get back to my day out with mom.
Where was I...

Oh yeah, I bought my books (and was poorer) and mom was waiting for me at the cashier. Later, she wanted to look at sling bags; since hers was going to tear off soon. So, we headed off to Momoe (not Momoe Yamaguchi, you twit). Mom was bag hunting and very soon found the bag she was looking for. It was 79 bucks and at 20% discount, pretty reasonable. She snagged it and paid for it.

While she was waiting for the cashier for the change, something caught my eye. It was a military styled sling bag hanging on the rack (yes, hanging; yes, rack. Cue the sound effects of angels singing). Mom walked over as I looked at the price tag...Same as the one mom got. Omigod.

Then mom asked me if I wanted it; I said yes. She told me to get it; I said no.
Why? I'd be blowing most of my allowance away!
Mom then looked at the sign which I had previously ignored.
50% discount
It was tempting; but I told mom that I'd buy it when dad issues this month's allowance. While I was debating with myself (again), mom said that by that time the sale might be off or that the bag would have been sold out. Okay, that made my decision much easier.
Since bro got 80 bucks last month (May); I'd be getting it this month. And since I bought my card for the phone, I won't be spending any this month...I wouldn't be broke again!
So, I asked for the shop assistant to get the bag, I paid and was content with my purchase all the way.

To sum it up (I've got to get to bed...), mom got me a new Swatch watch; bro messaged me to get the price for an X-Box 360 (and it costs 1690!!!); we went grocery shopping at Giant and we were stuck in a jam at two different places (at Pelangi and Sg. Buloh) for an hour before reaching home.

If I was asked how my day went, I wouldn't say it went well, nor did it not go well.
I'd just say that I wasn't that bored today.

Boredom; Act Three, Part One

Yeah, I'm back again to wreck havoc to the blogging world!

Uh huh, some havoc I'll create. I'M SO FREAKING BORED!
I just woke up two hours ago to get myself ready for Malay classes, (if you think that there's a BUT coming along, you're damn right!) BUT the teacher had to cancel because he had to attend a meeting in school. There is a replacement on another day.

Anyways, mom's taking me to the mall (1U to be exact) and I'll go book hunting before I go mad. Even if I have a PS2, the games we have sucks; I can't play DDR because my leg still hurts and my wireless suddenly decides to go cuckoo and will only work if I keep detaching and inserting its USB.
Dad's considering on my request to get an X-box. We all know that bro's gonna enjoy his time in HALO with Ryan.

I smell lunch, so I'm off.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Boredom, Act Two

Noticed that I've changed the template again? Yeah, I got bored and tried experimenting with it again. This (the current background) was my intended result when I first started blogging. I couldn't figure out how to do it and found reverting and using ready made blogskins as an alternative.
Who knew all the it needed was a image hosting site and some adjustments here and there could do the trick?

Dinner yesterday was pretty boring. It's my uncle (grandpa's younger brother's son) who came. The story goes like this: During the Japanese Occupation, the Communist was formed in efforts to purge Malaya (they changed the name to Malaysia in 1963) of the Japs. Grandpa's younger brothers (two of them, I think) were sent back to the remaining relatives in China to prevent them from being recruited by the Communist. So, they were brought up in China and ended up setting up families there too.

This uncle of mine now lives in Taipei, Taiwan and works as a...umm...I don't really know.
He told dad that he owns a restaurant, works in a hairdressing company teaching others to style hair and a travel agency. I don't mean to sound rude or anything but the first thing that popped up in my head when I heard that was this proverb:

Jack of all trades; master of none.
Even mom agreed to what I thought when I told her.

Anyways, House is opening again tonight and there's Chuck at 9.00.
I guess the other one hour and thirty-eight minutes will be spent by me laying on the grass outside (this time I'll bring the sleeping mat), listening to my MP3 again and watch the clouds and the sky change from evening to night. I do hope that it's clear enough to have stars.