- Update blog whenever she feels like it
- Watch out for new releases for manga (daily)
- Get 2 volumes of Japanese manga from Hakusensha or any other manga publisher
- Finish her short stories
- Back up savedata
- Survive PG and hopefully, PhD
- Complete most of her games in her game list
- Catalogue her mountain of unzipped and uncategorized manga in her desktop / hard disk
- Finish the drama that she's got in her hard disk

- (11/28) プリンスPiaキャロット [PC]
- (12/19) 放課後colorful*step ~うんどうぶ!~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 大正鬼譚 [PSP]
- (12/19) 月影の鎖 ~狂爛モラトリアム~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 剣が君 [PC]
- (12/26) Jewelic Nightmare

NB: Despite the overall static-ness of the blog, the game page is updated every now and then because gaming is something she'll never give up, ever.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breaking Dawn/ Tech Savvy

I'm still reading Breaking Dawn which I borrowed from Cass. It's not as bad as others put it, but that's just my opinion.
I'll still buy the book when I can, just for the novelty of it.

Anyways, it's Malaysia's Independence Day today!
Ah...I don't really care. Actually, I'm feeling pretty indifferent now.

As you can see in my blog, I've added something new. Yes, the links to the outside world.
Yes, the pictures are clickable and they'll bring you to whereever I want the link to go.
I figured out how to do it in just five minutes.

If you have seen my other blog- Her Life- My Fiction, you would have noticed that I put a F.A.Q link there. Yes, it'll bring you to a F.A.Q page! Why did I do that? Well, go read to find out!

Honestly speaking, I was never tech savvy.
Believe me, I've come a long way to get to this level and I've got further to go. I'm still trying to figure out how to have a background music playing in my blog without a visible player. I've seen websites do it and am still working on it.

I guess it was in Facebook that I started to learn HTML. I wanted my notes to be fun to look at, with all the big, bold and small words.
It's not that hard, actually. But I can't say it's the same for a professional compared to an amateur like me.
At first, I learnt how to bold words.
Then, how to make them italic.
Then, how to strikethrough.
Then, to hyperlink to a site. (Try clicking on the word hyperlink and see what happens.)
I was then off to numbering, bulleting , enlarging and minimizing words, underlining, blockquoting, encoding, hiding and a whole lot more.
I don't use encoding or hiding in my blog, but I do in forums. That's to get people to post something in the forums to be able to see what I've got hidden inside, usually links to download. Want an example? Head on over to Shoujo Manga Downloads (just follow the link at my links section) and see for yourself. At the forums, just click on the New Releases section and see the hidden message first hand!

I'm sure when you wanted to bold something, you'd press the 'b' on your compose post toolbar using your mouse and when you want to underline something, you couldn't.
I can do all that without my fingers leaving the keyboard or reaching for the mouse.
Kinda sound like I'm bragging right now, eh? Haha...

One thing though, I still have to move my mouse to color my text as I'm not sure of the RBG number of colours nor can I align my text yet. I will soon enough.

Of course, my blog didn't look like this at first. It started out in minima black. I wanted to put a background picture like the one I have now but I couldn't. So, I sought out help from Crystal, a friend of my brother's; she's in APIIT now and her blog is left to collect cyber dust. She told me to revert the whole thing back to classic template so that I can insert a blogskin found in Blogskin (yes, another clickable link).

I did messed around with the CSS code of the template, adding and subtracting digits and words to see how it turned out. At one point, my whole blog was deformed and I was lucky to have a back-up template saved up.
No matter how much I messed, I was still unsatisfied with how my blog was. I still wanted to have my own picture for header and background. So, I researched on how to do it.

I found my solution after five hours of non-stop searching. And when I found out how to do it, it was a relief. Though, frustration should be the mood, as I only needed to type a few words to get it up. But it was worth it. Now I can put any background I want.

I still wasn't satisfied. I didn't like the words blocking the header. Then, I saw Jess's and Lily's blog. They used Photoshop.
I borrowed the disc from Jess the very next day and was playing around with the tools inside. I didn't know how to use it properly, so I looked for guides.
Thank you igotangsinmypants for your wonderful step-by-step tutorial.
With his/her tutorial, I created two signatures, one banner, one avatar and three Polaroids.
The header above was my 8th creation.
The header in my fiction blog was my 15th while the background 16th.
If I could, I hope to learn how to create blogskins. It'll be so awesome to be able to do that!
Then, the next step would be animated siggys (signatures) , animated avatars (or GIFs) , how to make the title bar disappear like Ryan Chong's blog and last, how to make your links blink, strike through (and unstrike through) as your cursor rolls over.

By then, I'd ask my dad to help with the funding of a server and create my very own website!

Well, what is my whole point of talking about this?
It's to say, tech savvy-ness isn't a gift. You have to spend time and energy on it; and even if you can't get it the first time, do it again, till you get it.
I wish I could say the same for my school subjects; I usually cave in the first time I stall.

I'd best get to sleep now. A new day awaits me!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cable/ Her Life-My Fiction

No questions to where I've gone. It's on the need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know.

I was bored, and still am.
I've got a dinner to attend to but I still need something to kill time.
So, I've came up with her.

She has already existed as long as I have, perhaps even longer.
She lives in a world that I created out of thin air, yet I'm no God.

Her life is my story to tell; her life is my fiction.

Well, you can sorta say it's fan-fic, but it's not.
I can also say that it's to test my creativity and writting skills. Who knows, maybe I should be a writer instead. Whatever.

Now then, would you like to see her world?
Go on, the door is now open.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

[mode set:+ by winternite]
[incoming transmission]
[Welcome to auto-write, winternite. Password for voice-recognition]
[voice recognition confirmed, access granted]
[receiving transmission]

[transmission located and recognized...buffering 20%]

[attempting audio playback]

[disturbance]...I don't need to explain myself...I...

[buffering 50%]

...don't care a...

[buffering 60%]

[static]...don't need to know wh...[static]...don't give a da...[static]

[buffering 65%]

[static]...don't fi...[static]...me...[static]

[transmission interrupted]
[audio playback failed]
[auto-write halted]

[attempting to relocate source of transmission]
[source of transmission: non-existent]

[following pre-programed command]
[closing connection to receiver]
[closing connection to blogspot]
[closing connection to internet]

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MP3/ Religion

My MP3 is playing Warped Path of Time found in MapleStory's BGM. I have most of the BGM. To how I found it, it's a secret and no one shall ever pry out of me.

Yes, I've not gone to school today because of reasons that no one needs to know. I don't even mind missing the class party that they're having today.

Ah, religion, one of the most sensitive topics in the world. One misunderstanding could result in another Holy War or worst, World War IV. Yes, WW III has already been resolved, but that's beside the point.

First thing's first, I'm giving a few warnings before writing any further.

  1. This is a long post, so if you have anything to do first, please do it before reading. I do not want to be blamed for wasting your time.
  2. This is post is about my opinion/views/ ideas on this particular topic. DO NOT SPAM my CBOX with your comments on HOW WRONG I am for the things I'm about to say/ write. You have every right to think to your way, I have all the same to mine. So, don't go threatening to bring others to gang up and use violence. It does nothing but tarnishes your reputation, not mine.
  3. If you feel that you don't like what I'm about to say, you're always welcomed to press that 'X' button at the top of your tab/ screen.
  4. I apologize if I have insulted anyone in any way, to any degree in advance. I have the utmost respect for any of the religions that I'm about to speak on.
  5. Lastly, I'm not asking you to approve of my opinions, nor am I out to change yours. You stand by what you believe in, I stand by mine.
Since that's settled, I'll get started. *clears throat*

My dad is not a pious man, neither do our family practice extremism. We are Taoists (if anyone's wondering...). I'm not a Christian, as most of the people whom I just met would assume that I am.
It's not a branch a Buddhisms, as many believe it to be so. I spent plenty of my childhood trying to correct the misconception.
My dad has never practiced any rituals to the extreme; moderation is my dad's motto.
"Do you have food that we can't eat"? My dad would most definitely answer,
I eat everything that has wings except planes, everything that has legs except furniture.
Sure enough, this statement has generated a lot of negative feedback, but my dad ignores them. He lives on the philosophies that enables him to survive, to do what's right and to protect the family.
These are some of the examples:
  1. Do everything in moderation, never stray to the extreme right nor left. Life's about keeping a balance. Once the balance is tilted either way, chaos and despair is ensured.
  2. Never let anyone change your opinion (also said to me by my maternal grandma). If your guts tell you that it's the right way, don't let other comments influence you. Stand firm and never give in, regardless of what negative comments and pressure they might throw at you.
  3. You don't need do good nor prove to anyone's eyes. Only the opinion of your immediate family matters.
  4. Live life to the fullest, never go by one day with regret.
  5. The bond between siblings is important. If one is in trouble, do not hesitate to give your fullest support. United we stand, divided we fall.
  6. Have an open mindset, it makes accepting easier.
Now, you know how my family functions.

We don't really immerse ourselves with our religion.
Perhaps that's why some think that I'm a Christian (probably by the way I speak) while others think that I'm an atheist. Personally, I don't care.

Though, I met someone who has insulted me at the greatest degree. He disrespected my family's practice.

It was two years ago that I meet him at a game. We hit off well and started talking more often. Conversations with him was not only intellectual, but fun too. It was three months after when everything started.

[I shan't reveal which religion he's in; just so long as you know that these people do exist]
We were talking through MSN one night. He suddenly brought up the subject of religion, asking what I believed in. I told him mine and him his. Then, he started to give a lecture about his religion, telling me how good it was. Being polite, I listened.
After the lecture, he tried to persuade me to join; I declined. He then returned to praising the religion and again, tried to persuade, but to no avail. My patience was already running thin.
Again, he tried; my patience snapped.
What I said, I shall repeat now and it's without any editing. Whether it was rude or not, it's up to you to decide.
I respect what you believe in, but could you for one moment, stop to think?
I already said 'No, thank you', which putting it nicely means- I'm not interested! Please respect what I believe in, as I do respect yours.
Then, he started saying baseless things about my belief, like I was worshiping the devil! I've had it! I just blocked him off in mid-sentence. Even now, the anger builds up whenever I think about it.

What's my point, then?
I've had it with this kind of people! I've met plenty more of these people after this incident!
Yes, I appreciate the trouble you've taken to tell me about your religion, but to the point of persuading me to convert? Puh-leez!

Yeah, I'm not as fanatic as a hell lot of people when it comes to religion. I don't go around singing praises about how good it is or to persuade people to join me!
And I sure do not make friends according to their religion either! I prefer people from different walks of life and religion.

No doubt that I'm interested in the topic of religion, but it's only to gain knowledge and better insights!

I do read about the Bible, even if I'm not a Christian. I'm also interested in the stories in the Gospel of Mark and Gospel of Luke.
I also read about the Koran/ Qur'an. Bet you didn't know that Abu Lahab has injured by Ummi Fadl (Abbas's wife) and his injury didn't heal. It turned septic and the poison spread, making his body erupt with pustuls and he died within a week. His corpse was left to decompose for a few nights as nobody wanted to touch his body due to his plague-like symptoms. The burial wasn't pretty either, for his sons threw stones at his corpse until it was completely covered outside the walls of Mecca.
I even read about ancient Gods and Goddess for the fun of it.
And just yesterday, I read about Hesidic Judaisim.


There is no doubt that anyone might feel very proud of what they believe in. But people seem to have forgotten the most important lesson that every religion has, modesty and humility.
Didn't they ever teach you to be modest and never place yourself higher than others? Didn't they teach you the most basic of all things, to respect others?
So why the heck do those people exist, hmm?

Another thing, I've seen people desperately praying for a divine intervention, hoping that God shall somehow help him/ her to overcome the problem. Let me share a lil advise my mom got from her father, and me from her when I was 9:
God helps those who help themselves.
I told my mom that if that's so, why not I just think of a way to solve the problem myself. Mom smiled when I said that.

Well then, I've had my say. I'm also glad for my parents to raise us to have an open mindset.
To those who aren't satisfied with what I said, go rant anywhere but my CBox.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Scissors/ Of Manglish and Chinglish

I'm not done wrapping my books yet.

I've been to the mall twice this week, once was at Ikea/Ikano/ The Curve yesterday and 1U today.
And in these two days, I've spent 70% of my allowance (plus dad's subsidies) on books, or rather, manga.

I've gotten the first two volumes of Ouran, 1st and 8th volume of Tsuki no Shippo, 5th and 6th of Skip Beat! and 1st volume of I Wish.
And I don't mind being close to broke either.

Today's topic will be short, since I'm just killing time till Reaper to start at 10. I've got 6 minutes.

Manglish and Chinglish, ever heard of it?

Manglish or Mangled English is the English spoken in Malaysia.
It's hilarious when someone speaks Manglish.
For example:

You see, so damn chunted lah wei!
In proper English, it would be:
Did you see that? It was so cool!
I'm not saying that I have the rights to correct others nor that I'm well versed in English; that's for you to decide. Mind you, I too speak that way when I'm among friends. Well, only among friends who speak like that; as they say: When in Rome, do what the Romans do.

Terms like: (Manglish will be in mint green while The proper English is in ice blue)
What lah, kacau me now for wat?
What? Why are you bothering me?
Don't bother me can or not? I'm busy now lah
Can't you not bother me? I'm busy now!
Walao eh, damn chunted!
Wow, so cool!
This phone cacated one, where can use?
This phone is faulty. I can't use this.
And then there's Chinglish or Chinese English,like: (same as above, Chinglish in mint green, English in ice blue)

Eh, you don't so sampat can or not?
Can you not be such a busybody?
Wait for a while, I coming now.
Hold on, I'm coming.
Aiyah, pain a little bit can die meh?
It's just a little pain, you don't need to make a fuss out of it.
Eh chinapek, you diam abit can or not?
Hey (well, chinapek means old Chinese guy, but it's used to diss people, particularly guys), can you be quiet?

Most famous quote from a primary friend in front of a bunch of guys, referring to me:
This girl ah, very geng one. She can scold like a lion mother and beat you until kau kau. So don't qi fu her, you know?
This girl is very fierce and can beat you up, so don't bully her; understand?
I LoL'ed at each and every one of the examples above.

Well, this is how the Malaysian people speak, so does the Singaporeans. Gurmit Singh has done his job of teaching people how to speak Singlish while portraying the famous Phua Chu Kang.

So the next time you meet a Malaysian, you might want to learn a lil bit of Manglish; 'cause chances are, you might not understand half of what they're saying, especially teenagers!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Night Sky/ Platonic

I have around 8 minutes till the Physics tutor arrives.

Well, I'm sorry for not updating about my escape to Hong Kong. I've been busy since coming home with the unpacking and then the replacements for the classes I missed.

I won't give a detailed post about it. Only things I'd like to note are

- NEVER take AirAsia ever again. I knew it sucked, but never knew it was so much!
Not only was it free seating, it was cramped and horrible. I had neck aches and back aches
when I arrived.
- Mom had us walk for TWO DAYS just to look for her mooncake mold! My feet were sore for days. They aren't anymore, of course.
- The hotel rooms in Hong Kong are extremely small! Bro had to sleep on the ledge.
- Food in Hong Kong is abundant, so you don't need to worry about getting hungry.
- The public transportation is so convenient! They have this Octopus card that can be used at
the MRT, bus, payphones and even in 7-11!
- Like the 7-11 in Taiwan, they're well-stocked.
- The immigration officers are really mean! I was told to fill the form again for no reason but my
bro and dad didn't (they were in another lane)!
- It's only a door that's left of, my ancestor's house. My extremely distant relatives smokes and
I hope never to have any meals with them, ever.

If you want any pictures, I've uploaded them into facebook. I'm just too lazy to upload them here.

Hmm, I still have time...Today's post would be about platonic relationships!

Who says we can't have them?

I dunno. There's always someone telling me that girls and guys can't just be friends. They always have to be more than that.


Why do some people always assume that if a guy and girl are friends with each other, it's either one of them is a homosexual?!? (example taken from various romance novels)
And there's even some who advise people not to have a platonic relationship!
HEY! It's not like the girl's gonna steal the guy from his girlfriend!

Of course it happened to me! Who'd you think I was going to write about? This is my blog.
But I'm not going to tell who said what and who is the relationship is with.

Generally, I don't really mind which gender the person is when it comes to friendship. As long as we have something in common or share similar interests, it's good enough.
I don't see the point to only mix with your gender.

There are 2 incidents I'd like to point out. They'll sound like scenarios instead but it's the only way. Heck, it might even sound like something picked out from a shoujo manga but these things really did happen.

Incident 1:
Guy is feeling down with life, no longer sees hope. Girl meets guy. Guy talks to girl about problems in life, girl offers advice and encouragement. Guy feels happy and starts addressing girl with terms of endearment. Girl politely tells him off. Guy doesn't give up and starts pursuing girl. Girl gets tired of it and totally cuts off contact with guy.

Incident 2:
(In this incident, both the guy and girl already knew each other, just barely)
Guy gets dumped and asks for advice. Girl gives advice and encouragement, along with other friends. Guy constantly talks to girl. Girl answers. Guy starts declaring to girl. Girl declines. Contact becomes more strained. Total cut after 3 months.

It seems like I'm a magnet for trouble.
It happens every time I offer a lil help. Come on, don't you understand the term:

I just want to be friends, nothing else.

I only like you as a friend, nothing more.

It's not wrong for a girl to have a guy as a best friend and vice versa!
And it turns out my Physics tutor isn't coming!

Where was I...Oh yes!
Not all guys are like the ones I pointed out above, some are really cool and nice to talk to.
We just talk about school life, music, video games, anime...and a whole lot more things that other girl friends of mine aren't interested in. Sometimes, they even offer better advice than girls do. What's better is, guys don't gossip like girls to.
Sure, they sometimes diss each other at their faces but it's rare to see them plot for revenge like girls do.
As the saying goes:
A woman's wrath is worst than a thousand earthquakes.

I'm not looking for anyone at the moment and if I meet another guy who does the same as the two above incidents, I'll personally beat him up.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mangosteens/ Oh CRAP, I kena NS.

There is a tissue box with mangosteens as the background.

Yeah, it's true! I got selected to join National Service/ NS.
And yes, it is NOT a privilege to be selected. It's gonna be downright hell, for 3 MONTHS!

I'll tell you how the ordeal (yes, ordeal!) came to be:

As I walked up the stairs to my class, I heard a really huge sobbing sound. It was Aqillah. She was crying 'cause she was selected. She didn't expect it, so it's understandable that she was shocked by the news and couldn't accept it. And it's also normal to be overwhelmed and cry.
(Here's to the un-emo and insensitive person in the class! You know who I'm talking about!)

Later, Sook Ting came into the class and was checking for a few people through texting. Amirah was the first one and she didn't get it. I was next.

I already had a sense of an impending doom as I keyed in my I.C number, my gut was going haywire when I pressed the send button. I gave the phone back to Sook Ting and waited for the death bells to ring.

They did

My mind was wandering when Sook Ting's voice snapped me back to Earth, and subsequently kicked me into the hell hole formed a centimeter from where I was.
Sook Ting:" Hey yiling, you kena."
Me:" Oh crap!"

These were the executioner's decree.
Taniah! Anda [my I.C no.]-[my name] telah dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara) siri 6/2008.

It basically translates to this:
Congratulations! You [I.C no.]-[name] are chosen to join the National Service, batch 6/2008.
There's nothing to congratulate on, you idiots!

My world was crumbling at my feet.

I knew that the odds of me getting selected was quite high, since the theory that there's sure to be one in each family. I was holding out that my brother would be the one to get it, no matter how small that chance was.
Alas, the Fates decided that I was to be sacrificed.

I took the news with a straight and indifferent face, but it was an emotional turmoil inside.
My plans for the 3 months were dashed;
I couldn't go back to translating
I couldn't get my license until later
I couldn't get a part time job to buy more manga
I couldn't spend my time sleeping without having my mom to bug me to wake up
I couldn't spend my time however I want it for that 3 months
I couldn't have the house all to myself when the two monkeys are in school...
So what if they're giving an allowance of 300?!? I could earn more with my part time!

Thanks a lot, stupid!

Sure, there are a lot of benefits going to the program...But read my lips:

I can live without it!

If you're trying to instill more discipline and patriotism in me, let me tell you something:

I will not be more discipline than I already am!
I will not be more patriotic that I already am!
Heck, I'm not even born in this country, and I don't like it too, so why the hell me?

Yes, I am very stubborn and you can try making me comply to you. The harder you are on me, the harder I shall retaliate.

Since it's inevitable, I'll make the most of it and try to get the first batch. I don't want this to go messing with my college studies. The government does not own my life, nor did I sell it to them. And if I do die (yes, there were deaths), I'll make sure that nobody shall ever get into this program ever again. Not to mention the lawsuit by my parents.

Enough about the bad stuff. It's not like my ranting can make a change; unless I develop a certain illness that gets me exempted from it, which is entirely far-fetched.

I'm going to Hong Kong tomorrow!

Dad's been really stressed so we're taking a early holiday. We'll be staying somewhere close to Mongkut and Kowloon.
I'll be visiting some of my relatives in Hong Kong capital and my great-granduncle will be taking us to Sing Zen in Mainland China to visit the ancestral home (which according to my dad, is only left with one pillar!).

There's a whole lot of eating involved (which I think would be torturous for Jon if I were to talk to him about it; on the other hand, Cassie loves it! XD) and not to forget my dad's quest to eat the smelliest toufoo or chao dao fu in Cantonese.

The flight is at 7 in the morning and we'll be flying by AirAsia. It's my first time flying by that airline (dad's a frequent flyer to East Malaysia for work) and I'm expecting less as it's a budget airline. We wanted MAS but dad said to experience AirAsia for once.

We have to be at the airport by 5, so I'll have to wake up at 4 to get ready!

Ah crap, I forgot to pack my toiletries!

I'm off to bed now~

PS: Noticed a lot of reds? Yeah, I'm THAT pissed.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Release Log Book/ Manga Help

I've been helping out at SMD while Sonya's busy with moving to Cornell, hence the release log book. (FYI: first title is what I see/ observe around me, second is the real one.)

I now check the updates at various scanlator's sites, jot them down into my log book and determine the release dates by the policy they have stated.
I'm only updating titles from:

  1. Aerandria
  2. Condensation
  3. Da Gurlz Translations a.k.a DGT
  4. En.tro.py
  5. Esthetique
  6. J-Sis
  7. KawaiiLovelyScans
  8. Korean Manwha
  9. MegKF
  10. Nagareboshi
  11. Ochibichan
  12. Perfect Illusions
  13. Serenus Dreamers
  14. Starry Heaven
  15. Vampire Knight Scans
  16. Wingtip Cafe

And, I'm not doing those from:
  1. Shoujo Manga Maniac
  2. Intercross
  3. Aka Rose Tenshi
  4. RC-Scans
  5. Operation Boredom
  6. Aku Tenshi
These scanslators require people to...well, participate in forum chats. I don't have time to keep updating posts just to download the releases from them, since they've now implemented to post at least 5-10 before giving a password to access their releases.
The only forum based releases that I'm doing for now is Nagareboshi & KawaiiLovelyScans, whom I have received permission to host in SMD.
For other releases, please refer to Sonya when she comes back, or any other admins when they're back from being m.i.a.

So if any leechers from SMD PM and asks why aren't there any updates from Intercross, Aka Tenshi or Shoujo Manga Maniac, please read the following paragraph:

Hey, I still have to go to school and I have a major exam coming in three months! So give me a break, will ya?
I even have classes to attend after school!
I have to check the sites daily, then download them into my pc (some don't allow direct links) and later have them uploaded into a file hoster. Some require me to access the Mirc to download their releases. I have very slow bandwidth so please spare me some thought.
Try being a hoster yourself before telling me it's easy, okay?

I'm not complaining about helping SMD; in fact, I love doing it!

I just don't want some whiny brat spamming my inbox with this:
Hey lucklesslyn, I haven't been seeing [insert manga title here] from [insert either one of the six scanslators I'm not updating on] for quite some time. Do you mind updating it? I'm dying to know if [insert main female character] ended up with [insert main male character]!
If I'm in a nice mood, I'll give you a site to where I download all my other manga; if you have me in a bad mood, I'd just ignore you. Spam me again and I'll officially block your further private messages!

Also, I've tried being a translator. Believe me, it's not as easy as it seems.
I've worked for Entropy for volume 09 of Love Catalog during last year's long holiday. I had to translate 4 chapters and it took me 2 days just to finish 1 chapter!
No, it wasn't in Japanese, it was in Chinese. I can only identify some Japanese words, if it's written in Kanji.
I'm no longer in the team right now for obvious reasons (exams). I'll reconsider to rejoining them, if they still need a Chinese translator and if I don't get myself a job during the holidays nor do I get selected for National Service.

After that stint, I now appreciate the works of the scanslation team more than ever.

Hmm, I need to go watch some tv. I'm terribly bored.
And I don't think anyone would know what the hell I'm talking about, unless he/she is very familiar with the manga world. Or else, they'd be asking:

WHAT THE HELL IS MANGA?!?! Are you talking about mango?

(trivia: For those who don't know the Malay language, manga is the name for mango. hehe...)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Chinese Checkers/ Double Tagged

I've been double tagged, by my bro and Joanna.

But I shall do it!

Rules :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

Here goes:

1. I don't really comb a lot cause my hair doesn't mess up much. All I need is just a run through and I'm ready to go.
2. I have a toy dog named Matty and it sleeps by my side. It was given to me by Sapphira for my 15th birthday.
3. I can get fired up for an online game, give my all and then lose interest in it faster than you can sneeze. (Ex: MapleStory and Cabal).
4. I sing in the shower.
5. My desk gets messy real quick, but I still can find what I want when I need it.
6. I spend some of my weekends reading in Wikipedia instead of doing my homework.
7. I might seem oblivious in a conversation but I can repeat back whatever the speaker said.
8. Other than in school, I've never worn a skirt or dress for almost 6 years.
9. Anyone can talk to me about anything/ any topic.
10. I don't really take any pictures of myself, only occasional reflections of me are seen in photos.
11. I can play the piano by ear but only for my right hand (given time to figure out the notes too).
12. I remember things better when I listen, not read.
13. I can't smile longer than 5 seconds.
14. I get a little OCD when it comes to books.
15. I tend to ask really absurd questions, but sometimes they have a deeper meaning.

The 10 people I tag are:
1. Ken
2. Audrey
3. Jon
4. Cassie
5. Jessica
6. Samantha
7. Wen Yow
8. Karina
9. Nadia
10. I don't have anyone else...how about you?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rottweiler Puppy/ What is Normal?

I have a Rottweiler puppy staring at me from the box.
No, it's a toy puppy.

I've thought about this for a very long time; since reading 'Define Normal' that is.
So, I've been asking myself, what is normal?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, pg 572:

Normal • adj
1. usual, typical or expected.
2. tech. (of a line) intersecting a line or surface at right angles.
3. the normal state or condition
That's the meaning of normal, but I'm looking for the definition of normal in the context of humans.
I did ask the opinion from a teacher and fellow schoolmates, but none provided the answer that really satisfied my query.

I went home, laid on my bed after a warm shower and started to think...

- If one were to be abnormal, would it disappoint the society?
- If one were to do something that one didn't usually do and continued doing it, would that abnormal action become a norm?
- How about the same for behavior?
- Since everyone is unique, doesn't it contradict when you describe a person as normal?
- Society shuns the abnormal; since geniuses & prodigies are abnormal, why are they celebrated?
- If something is normal in one culture, and an abnormal in another, should the other change to make it a normal between the two? (in reference to the above)
- If one were to be normal, then does it mean one's production rate be the same as another?
- If one were to be normal, would one have to behave like the rest?
- If one were not to be 'like everyone else', is it wrong?
- If one were asked to be normal, would that person be condemned to always be judged as the crowd/ group at he/she associates with, deemed never to be better?
- If one were to rise above the rest, wouldn't that be going against the principle of being normal?
- Who decides what is normal?
- What does it take to be normal?
- If one were to be abnormal, and another follows, would it then be a norm?
- If we were to let things be as it were, wouldn't it stun development?
- Am I normal? (obviously not!)
- Is it normal for someone my age to think so much?

I never had any of the answers to my questions, other than the second last one.
I'm really happy and proud to say that:
I'm not normal & I'm happy to be abnormal!

They used to tell me that girls can't fight. -I fought off a bunch of bullies at age 7.
Girls like the color pink. -I loathe pink!
Girls can't use tools. -I can fix my own cupboard & metal frames when they come off.
Girls play dolls when they're younger and prefers beauty & fashion during teenage. -I read when I was younger and prefer boys clothing now.
Girls don't play online games, they shop. -I'm the exact opposite.
Girls are prim, proper & graceful. -I'm scruffy, rough & have more scars & bruises than my bro.

I have every intention of breaking ALL The Girls Can't/ Don't & Won't Rules, except for those that will go against my principle & morale.

And nothing can stop me because I'm not afraid of being abnormal!