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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MP3/ Religion

My MP3 is playing Warped Path of Time found in MapleStory's BGM. I have most of the BGM. To how I found it, it's a secret and no one shall ever pry out of me.

Yes, I've not gone to school today because of reasons that no one needs to know. I don't even mind missing the class party that they're having today.

Ah, religion, one of the most sensitive topics in the world. One misunderstanding could result in another Holy War or worst, World War IV. Yes, WW III has already been resolved, but that's beside the point.

First thing's first, I'm giving a few warnings before writing any further.

  1. This is a long post, so if you have anything to do first, please do it before reading. I do not want to be blamed for wasting your time.
  2. This is post is about my opinion/views/ ideas on this particular topic. DO NOT SPAM my CBOX with your comments on HOW WRONG I am for the things I'm about to say/ write. You have every right to think to your way, I have all the same to mine. So, don't go threatening to bring others to gang up and use violence. It does nothing but tarnishes your reputation, not mine.
  3. If you feel that you don't like what I'm about to say, you're always welcomed to press that 'X' button at the top of your tab/ screen.
  4. I apologize if I have insulted anyone in any way, to any degree in advance. I have the utmost respect for any of the religions that I'm about to speak on.
  5. Lastly, I'm not asking you to approve of my opinions, nor am I out to change yours. You stand by what you believe in, I stand by mine.
Since that's settled, I'll get started. *clears throat*

My dad is not a pious man, neither do our family practice extremism. We are Taoists (if anyone's wondering...). I'm not a Christian, as most of the people whom I just met would assume that I am.
It's not a branch a Buddhisms, as many believe it to be so. I spent plenty of my childhood trying to correct the misconception.
My dad has never practiced any rituals to the extreme; moderation is my dad's motto.
"Do you have food that we can't eat"? My dad would most definitely answer,
I eat everything that has wings except planes, everything that has legs except furniture.
Sure enough, this statement has generated a lot of negative feedback, but my dad ignores them. He lives on the philosophies that enables him to survive, to do what's right and to protect the family.
These are some of the examples:
  1. Do everything in moderation, never stray to the extreme right nor left. Life's about keeping a balance. Once the balance is tilted either way, chaos and despair is ensured.
  2. Never let anyone change your opinion (also said to me by my maternal grandma). If your guts tell you that it's the right way, don't let other comments influence you. Stand firm and never give in, regardless of what negative comments and pressure they might throw at you.
  3. You don't need do good nor prove to anyone's eyes. Only the opinion of your immediate family matters.
  4. Live life to the fullest, never go by one day with regret.
  5. The bond between siblings is important. If one is in trouble, do not hesitate to give your fullest support. United we stand, divided we fall.
  6. Have an open mindset, it makes accepting easier.
Now, you know how my family functions.

We don't really immerse ourselves with our religion.
Perhaps that's why some think that I'm a Christian (probably by the way I speak) while others think that I'm an atheist. Personally, I don't care.

Though, I met someone who has insulted me at the greatest degree. He disrespected my family's practice.

It was two years ago that I meet him at a game. We hit off well and started talking more often. Conversations with him was not only intellectual, but fun too. It was three months after when everything started.

[I shan't reveal which religion he's in; just so long as you know that these people do exist]
We were talking through MSN one night. He suddenly brought up the subject of religion, asking what I believed in. I told him mine and him his. Then, he started to give a lecture about his religion, telling me how good it was. Being polite, I listened.
After the lecture, he tried to persuade me to join; I declined. He then returned to praising the religion and again, tried to persuade, but to no avail. My patience was already running thin.
Again, he tried; my patience snapped.
What I said, I shall repeat now and it's without any editing. Whether it was rude or not, it's up to you to decide.
I respect what you believe in, but could you for one moment, stop to think?
I already said 'No, thank you', which putting it nicely means- I'm not interested! Please respect what I believe in, as I do respect yours.
Then, he started saying baseless things about my belief, like I was worshiping the devil! I've had it! I just blocked him off in mid-sentence. Even now, the anger builds up whenever I think about it.

What's my point, then?
I've had it with this kind of people! I've met plenty more of these people after this incident!
Yes, I appreciate the trouble you've taken to tell me about your religion, but to the point of persuading me to convert? Puh-leez!

Yeah, I'm not as fanatic as a hell lot of people when it comes to religion. I don't go around singing praises about how good it is or to persuade people to join me!
And I sure do not make friends according to their religion either! I prefer people from different walks of life and religion.

No doubt that I'm interested in the topic of religion, but it's only to gain knowledge and better insights!

I do read about the Bible, even if I'm not a Christian. I'm also interested in the stories in the Gospel of Mark and Gospel of Luke.
I also read about the Koran/ Qur'an. Bet you didn't know that Abu Lahab has injured by Ummi Fadl (Abbas's wife) and his injury didn't heal. It turned septic and the poison spread, making his body erupt with pustuls and he died within a week. His corpse was left to decompose for a few nights as nobody wanted to touch his body due to his plague-like symptoms. The burial wasn't pretty either, for his sons threw stones at his corpse until it was completely covered outside the walls of Mecca.
I even read about ancient Gods and Goddess for the fun of it.
And just yesterday, I read about Hesidic Judaisim.


There is no doubt that anyone might feel very proud of what they believe in. But people seem to have forgotten the most important lesson that every religion has, modesty and humility.
Didn't they ever teach you to be modest and never place yourself higher than others? Didn't they teach you the most basic of all things, to respect others?
So why the heck do those people exist, hmm?

Another thing, I've seen people desperately praying for a divine intervention, hoping that God shall somehow help him/ her to overcome the problem. Let me share a lil advise my mom got from her father, and me from her when I was 9:
God helps those who help themselves.
I told my mom that if that's so, why not I just think of a way to solve the problem myself. Mom smiled when I said that.

Well then, I've had my say. I'm also glad for my parents to raise us to have an open mindset.
To those who aren't satisfied with what I said, go rant anywhere but my CBox.