- Update blog whenever she feels like it
- Watch out for new releases for manga (daily)
- Get 2 volumes of Japanese manga from Hakusensha or any other manga publisher
- Finish her short stories
- Back up savedata
- Survive PG and hopefully, PhD
- Complete most of her games in her game list
- Catalogue her mountain of unzipped and uncategorized manga in her desktop / hard disk
- Finish the drama that she's got in her hard disk

- (11/28) プリンスPiaキャロット [PC]
- (12/19) 放課後colorful*step ~うんどうぶ!~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 大正鬼譚 [PSP]
- (12/19) 月影の鎖 ~狂爛モラトリアム~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 剣が君 [PC]
- (12/26) Jewelic Nightmare

NB: Despite the overall static-ness of the blog, the game page is updated every now and then because gaming is something she'll never give up, ever.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Me, The Oddball


Move over Shirayuki, Zen is MINE
The whole world can have Edward Cullen; I wouldn't give a hoot about it.

I've just declared war with a fictional character for a fictional bishounen.
Yes, I'm whacked out.

I need sleeeeep.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sense of Loss

Well, I guess it's the end of the double meaning.

I've been kinda lost these few days, perhaps it's because of the double Math tuition.
Or it's because I no longer have anything to read...
I dunno.
But what I know is, I'm not the kind of person that can be left bored.

I didn't plan out what I wanted to write.
Oh well.

I think I'll go answer Jon's post, and then have another round of Crash Bandicoot.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ulaid/ End of trials

Ulaid has bagpipes, sorta has a calming effect on me.


Actually, trials ended on Monday with Physics.
Physics paper was okay, some of the questions were easy. But paper I was an entirely different story.
I'm glad that it's over.

I've started my study leave yesterday. Pn. Loi actually asked me to attend school yesterday, but since I heard that most of my classmates aren't going to be in school, I skipped.
Hey, it's not like she can penalize me. My mom already wrote the note saying that I'll be taking my leave of absence since yesterday.

I was busy cleaning yesterday too. I threw away most of the old newspaper that I've been keeping since Form 3 and some of the useless junk lying around in my room. I've even recycled my woodwork that we did in Form 2. My room and table is no longer cluttered; and I have a bigger space on my table.
And I found that I'm more productive at home than in school. I think it's because of the atmosphere, it's stuffy and tensed in school.

My personal bookshelf is now full. I've moved some of the RomCom that I don't really like onto the second shelf. The first shelf would be my favorite novels and my manga; second would be the historical diaries that I collect and the RomCom while the third would be my referrence books, workbooks and textbooks. There's another blue container box that I've filled with my Harry Potter collection and other books, and two volumes of Kare Kano which I've lost interest in. The story just got too...I don't even know what word to use for it. With those two volumes, I have a total of 18 bunkoban in my possesion.

Speaking about manga, I was kinda lucky on Saturday. I couldn't find volume 1 and 2 of Skip Beat! for more than two months, so I decided to ask the shop assitant for it. She said I was lucky that she had one of each in stock, and it was the last one. She also said that Vampire Knights and Skip Beat! are in constant demand, and that the shipping company can't send them fast enough. I wouldn't mind that much though, since I've already have them in my hard drive.

And since I'm on luck, Thursday would be one of my unlukiest day in my life. First was the accident, then it was my screen.
When I got home, had my dinner and ranted out about the accident on my blog, and then my screen decided to die.

I was reading chapter 2 of Dengki Daisy at the time. I was getting to the part where Tasuku-kun was doing a weird pose saying "You're about to chuck the broom and scissors at me? Come on, bring it on" when my screen suddenly blacked out. I stared at it for a few seconds and then it turned back on again, and the image was fuzzy. Then, it blacked out again; I could smell something burning and saw that the light on the power button was flickering on and off. I went to the back of the monitor and saw some tiny sparks flying from the inside. I switched the power off without a second thought, even though I was downloading at the time.

I then ran down to tell my dad my monitor died. He said that he'll bring one of the old monitors back from the office. He forgot about it till Monday, which I reminded him when mom asked me to call him and ask what time will he be back.
Bro said that I wasn't strong enough to carry my old monitor, and said that he'll do it for me. He didn't fix it till yesterday afternoon, when he got back from school.

And what did I do during the days that I couldn't use my computer?
I was watching my Korean drama, First Shop Coffee Prince. I finished 18 episodes within two days, so I practice playing Crash Bandicoot. It was fun.

Before I forget, my sis's friend translated our names with her Japanese name book. Apparently, my family name is Takaha and my given name is Kimiki.
Kimiki...Bro called me Kimi-chan and Miki-chan.
Cass called me Kimchi and then said Mickey mouse.
Well, now I've got three more names for people to call me; Winternite, Winter, Nite, Lyn, Elaine, Elyn (reserved only for mom's friend), Kimiki, Kimi-chan and Miki-chan.
And I'll kick the person's ass if he/she calls me Kimchi or Mickey Mouse!

Hmm...I feel like reading Skip Beat! now.
...There goes my notion of grinding my nose to the books.
I'm hopeless.

PS: If anyone is interested, try reading Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan by Kaori Yuki. She's famous for her horror manga, like Ludwig Kakumei (I absolutely love that series!). The guignols are awesome!
It's being scanslated by Aerandria and it currently has two chapters. And no, it's not licensed and you can get it from Aerandria's site. Please do check it out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harappa/ Duck

I had duck for dinner, which caused some bad mojo earlier today.

I went out with mom today, cause I didn't go to school. I didn't take Chinese so I didn't need to go for the exam.
While we were coming back, we got into an accident.

Well, it was a blind son of a b* that knocked into my mom's car while she had already executed a U-turn. I won't go into detail, but I'd just like to point out some things:

- That idiot was an idiot 'cause he was riding his stupid bike on the opposite side of the road. He's also a blind idiot for not seeing my mom's car maneuvering. It's a Hyundai Matrix YOU BLIND BASTARD!

- There was another son of a b* that saw the thing and knocked my side of the window and asked us to get down. Like hell that we would.

- The traffic police wasn't so helpful at all. I'm really disappointed with their service; so much for 'Cepat, Tepat & Mesra' (fast, accurate and friendly). Mesra my ass.

- We wasted the whole day first in the police station and then at the traffic police headquarters. I swear, I can even type faster blindfolded than that officer who was taking my mom's statement. Cepat my foot.

- My mom got fined for making that U-turn, which is entirely illogical. She can appeal to the Chief, whom she'll see tomorrow to reduce the fine.

And I found something even bigger...
While the traffic police took us to the scene of the accident, guess what?

So called for law enforcers. What the hell of an example are they setting for the people, huh? They made the rule that everyone at the back seat should have their seat belts on and they don't when they're sitting at the front?!? What madness is this?

I really want to get the hell out of this country as soon as possible. I can't possibly live in this country anymore.
Yes, I don't like it that much.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pillow/ Death by Chemistry

I feel like ripping the pillow to shreds.

Don't ask me how Chemistry went, I'll show you.
A picture's worth a thousand words; well, I have three thousand words worth of pictures to show.

Tomorrow is add math, another subject that is a lost cause for me.
I swear, I'll grind my brain to dust to get it right for SPM. The trials are as good as screwed.

Since the bad thing is out of my system, I'd like to note that today is a very important day in my family.

It's my parent's wedding anniversary!

09/09/1989 is when they got married.
Congratz to my parents for their 20th anniversary! May they have many happy returns!
I was wondering what it was supposed to be when I wrote the date on my answer sheet, since the day seemed familiar.

Come to think of it, the story of how my parents got married is quite funny.
My dad wanted to register their marriage on the 25th of January--my mom's birthday.
When they reached the Civil department, they said that the day was full. They said that February 14th was still available. So, my dad agreed.
My mom thought that my dad was really romantic, having to choose that day to be officially married.
You know what? Prepare to laugh at this...(or whatever reaction it is that you'll do)

My dad forgot that Feb 14 was Valentine's Day!

It never came to his mind that it was Valentine's Day. I burst out laughing when my mom told me that. Even dad admitted that he didn't know about it.
Daddy, you're so unromantic.

When I was younger, I admired my friends' parents; comparing them with mine.
Now, I don't think I want any other's parents at all.

I have a mom who is a wonderful cook, which is why we're not stick thin. She bakes really good cakes and has real good taste, regardless of food or clothes. Sadly, I do not inherit her cooking skills; only her looks and her determination.
Yes, she might be really petty about the cleanliness of the house and be a bit of a perfectionist but that's how I want my mom to be. She's the one I go to when I need some advice and the one I rant at when my day is bad. She is also like a lioness when it comes to her kids; don't get her mad or she'll rip you to shreds.

My dad on the other hand, is more of a practical person. He's a no-nonsense type of guy. Surely, he doesn't show his affections outwardly but he shows it through his actions. He worked hard during his early years to save up money for our higher education; he doesn't want us to go through with the financial problems he had when he was studying in England. My grandparents were really poor, so my dad had to be really thrifty with his spending.
He used to be really mindful about us and stuff, as in to let others fix things when it's broken. Nowadays, he encourages us to find out what the problem is and try to fix it ourselves. If it can't be fixed after countless tries and we've reached our limit to fixing it, then only will he get help from a professional. With this, I now know how to fix minor damages for electrical stuff; but this field is where my bro surpasses me.

I love my parents to bits, but I shall never say it out loud. It's pretty awkward when it comes to displays of affection for us. I shiver at the very thought of hugging.
So, I'm going to show them by making them proud.

My dad said this once:
It's every parent's goal to see their child succeed in life. But success is up for interpretation. I want you people to live a meaningful life. Getting good grades is sort of like a bonus to me. But if you want to continue having a comfortable life like what you have right now, you better work you ass off to make sure that you get a good job that can sustain such comfort. It's my fault if I can't provide you the facilities to reach that; but I have and you have to keep your end of the bargin. It's your life; I can only guide you to the correct path. But if you stray far from it, there's nothing I can do.
Like I said, he's a no-nonsense type of guy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Apple Umbrella/ Of Pulmonary Arteries and Primary Veins

I've announced to the SMD community that I'll be M.I.A till SPM is over. I'm gonna miss posting updates on the projects.

Tomorrow is Chemistry and God knows that I have two years worth of crappy teachers. I told my dad not to expect an A for this. He said that trials mean nothing to him, it's SPM that matters.
So, I asked if I could stay at home from next Tuesday onwards to study at home. He said that if the school is no longer offering anything worth going to school for, it's okay. So, I'm staying at home next Tuesday on.

I don't like my school. And I feel suffocated in class.
I know I won't study when I'm in class; I'll do some questions and ended up sleeping. No point wasting my time at school then. It's not like it has anything left to motivate me to going.

Speaking about exam, I made the MOST stupid mistake ever!

It was in Biology II.
The essay question required me to explain the blood circulatory system. I was so happy that I knew this question like the back of my hand!
So, I wrote everything that I remembered. I got stuck at this part.

The deoxygenated blood will then be pumped into the heart from rest of the body by the ______ artery and into the right atrium. The blood will then pass through the tricuspid valve and into the right ventricle and be pumped to the lung, going through the superior vena cava.
...The oxygenated blood will be pumped into the heart from the lungs through the
_____ vein and into the left atrium. The blood will then pass through the bicuspid valve and into the left ventricle. It is then pumped to the rest of the body through the aorta, which has a higher pressure and is more muscular due to its function of delivering blood to the rest of the body.
I forgot what the blanks were! I knew it started with the letter 'P' but I forgot what it was supposed to be! And you know what I put?

Do you know how stupid was that?!?!
I got the whole thing right and this stupid tiny mistake is gonna cost me a hell lot of mark loss!
Not to mention the kidney function that I tried so hard to memorize yesterday was gone to waste when I was blank when I read the question!

Yeah, exactly like the picture above!

Mom said to get over it and be more careful about it the next time, and also not to mull over that mistake.
I so HATE myself right now...

It's Chem tomorrow and I've not studied at all; Add Math on Wednesday; Thurday's a holiday cause I'm no longer taking Chinese (if I take, then it's 11 subjects...I don't want to die) and Friday is EST. Next Monday is Physics and it's the last time I'm going to school!

I think I'm gonna go sleep now...So tired.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fatigue/ Biology

This is gonna be short.


I tried memorizing for Biology and ended up SLEEPING!

I feel so hopeless!
Haiz...Looks like I'm gonna do real badly on this one, again.

PS: The only good thing about today is that Daddy approves of me buying Web Design for Dummies. But that's only after SPM. The bad thing is...it costs 75.90! WTH?!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nara / Boredom: Newly Discovered Scene

Nara suits the whole rainy day atmosphere.

Aaaanyways, I'm super bored now, hence the Boredom title. This is 'newly discovered' scene was just the continuation of my Boredom titles; the ones I did in June...or was it July....

I was shocked at something I discovered today.
Motomi Kyousuke is a guy! And why is it a shock?

He's a mangaka for SHOUJO manga.

He's the creator of Beast Master and Dengki Daisy; two stories that strokes my nerves with those feather-like fingers. Ahh~
Motomi-sensei's drawings are nice, and so are his plots. They're not like your generic shoujo manga with undeveloped characters. His heroines are what you'd see in real life, and his heroes are well...cute to the boot, albeit their wacked personalities.
Beast Master's Leo-kun is a guy who lived in the wild before returning to the metropolis of Japan. The thing is, he turns in a savage person when he sees blood, sorta like a defense mechanism. Only Yuiko can control that side of him.
Dengki Daisy's Kurosaki Tasuku-kun is always protecting Teru with his persona, Daisy. Teru doesn't know that Tasuku is Daisy and the only way she can contact him is through e-mails from the phone her brother gave her before he died. And the way he treats her...sorta makes him the bad guy.

And how the hell did I get mixed up with the gender?
Well, do you know that Hikaru is a unisexual name? Kinda like Leslie, Sam (which is short for Samantha or Samuel or Samson) and Jo (short for Josephine and Joe). Yeah.
It's not like Chinese names where you'd know whether it was a girl or guy at once.

I was so bored today that I made my very own button, like the ones you see in the links section.
It's quite simple, actually. It only took me 1 minute to do it, minus the other 50 seconds waiting for Photoshop to start and load. That makes it done in 10 seconds.

Well, I've got another tab open to read up on how to edit raw manga. I think I'll apply to be a editor or a QC'er one day. There's no harm to learning more stuff.
It's great to be good in your academics, but you can't really survive with that alone- one of my cousins.
She's got a point.
I kinda gave up on studying day and night like I did during Form 3. Life's just too short to spend it all on studying. Study hard and play hard, that's what my teacher told me.

Ahh...I'm still bored.
I've finished reading all the manga available on my hard drive and bookshelf, all the novels in my personal stash and there's nothing to watch tonight.

I need to do something before I go mad!

I know!
I've not responded to Jon's post yet!
Uh...what am I gonna do after that?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Menouthis/ Words

I'm stuck with Menouthis in my head. It's a soundtrack by ES Posthumus and it has a feel of danger to it. Kudos to Ryan for Nara; it's simply awesome.

My title is a bit misleading today, but whatever.
I've got lots to say today and they're all random stuff.

I'm currently sitting for my trials. Yes, TRIALS.

I don't have any mood to study, let alone do any exercises.

Also, I'm suffocating. I feel like the whole world is getting smaller and smaller by the minute and I've got to get out, fast. If the walls get any closer, I'd develop claustrophobia soon. Even Jia Wern feels the same. Both of us feel like we can no longer stand being in the same environment, and that we've lost the connections we had.
It's getting harder and harder to breathe, especially in school. Everyday, I'd have to force myself to get up and get going. As I walk through the gates of the school, I feel dread claiming another victim, me.
Maybe it's because the real exam is looming closer, maybe...

I've finally finished reading Breaking Dawn on Monday. Since I've finished it, I can finally say that it wasn't as crappy as most people think. It's not great, neither is it that bad; but that's just my opinion. Thanks, Cass. I'll lend you Skip Beat as soon as I'm done with it.

I know I've said this loads of time, but I LOVE my MP3! It may sound crazy (what the heck, it is!) but I feel that it understands me, a lot.
I usually put it on Playlist mode and on shuffle items but I've recently let it play on Artist mode and shuffle tracks. While I was reading Breaking Dawn, the music somehow shifted according to the scene.
For instance, there was a part when Bella woke in her new form; The Awakening by Switchfoot started.
When Jacob imprinted on Nessie (that sounds so much better than Renessme, Vanessa works too)- First Love by Utada Hikaru.
The part where Bella saw her current form- Just a Dream by Jump5.
When she saw her daughter for the first time- Crystal Flower by Park Jion-Meng.
The scene where they were plotting the defence- Sara ni Tatakau Monotachi by Nobuo Uematsu.
When the Volturi arrived- Tatakau Monotachi by the same artise.
The ending- Fu Zhuang Bu He Ge by Kim Hwan-Jio. The name translate to 'unsuitable clothes for the occasion', but the playful nature of the soundtrack suits the ending.

Sometimes, it even plays songs that I need to brigthen up my mood; like it plays Bad Day when I'm having one, and Rave when I lack the enthusiasm to do something.
Nothing can ever replace my faithful friend of 5 years.

After pausing for a moment to tend to requests in the forum, I lost thought of what I wanted to say...Whatever.

I think that's it for today.