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- (11/28) プリンスPiaキャロット [PC]
- (12/19) 放課後colorful*step ~うんどうぶ!~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 大正鬼譚 [PSP]
- (12/19) 月影の鎖 ~狂爛モラトリアム~ [PSP]
- (12/19) 剣が君 [PC]
- (12/26) Jewelic Nightmare

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ways to Shut Up Your Ex When You Call Him As a Friend and He Thinks You Want To Get Back Together

Bro's back from the hospital. He's now happily enjoying his game on his own desk, at his own home. I did feel like poking him just to seem him squirm but mom gave be a glare of death, so I didn't.
Yes, I'm mean. :P

Today's post is about something interesting that happened at midnight yesterday, or today...
...I hate referring to time. It gets me all jumbled up.

Okay, Cass (my confidant and neighbor) broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago; rather, she supposedly got dumped.
...Personally, I don't think she got dumped (confusing, yes? It'll all be clear when I explain later) nor were they a couple to start with, considering that they've never met in real life and their medium of communication is only through the net and text messaging. What's there to get dumped when they've not even got on a date before?
Besides, it was the guy who initiated it. He was the one would said that he loved (gasp and blek) her even when they were practically strangers; that and he just got dumped. I did tell her that she might just be a rebound girl and she said that she'll help him stand up again.

That's what I admire about Cass; she gives her best when she feels sympathetic for the others. I think that she's just really gullible (and just got smacked on the head by her for typing that out). Ouch...
And I just notice the word 'pathetic' in sympathetic; does it mean that both the sympathizer and the sympathized are both pathetic?
*another smack on the head by Cass* Oww, that hurts. Hey, what's wrong with being a realist?
And don't spam hate messages on my Cbox just for that.

Ooo, I forgot to state the reason of them supposedly breaking up (Does it even qualify as a break-up?)
We were (gosh, I'm glad it's over) sitting for SPM this year. She was M.I.A for a few months; she didn't go online nor did she message him. But she did inform him about it before disappearing though, which was pretty responsible of her if you asked me. She talked to him a few weeks ago and found out that he has a new girl. Don't worry, she wasn't heartbroken nor did she break down. Surprisingly, she was pretty indifferent about it.
That's beside the point. Apparently, that fella started dating the girl just right before Cass told him that she'd be out. The nerve of that jerk!

Anyways, the following is the conversation she had with her ex (Can he even be considered an ex when they weren't even dating in the first place?) when she called him to wish him and his new girl a Merry Christmas. The phone was on loudspeaker mode and I was there as a moral support (kononya, more like a busybody...ehehe).
Do I have permission to write this? Of course I do; she's right beside me now! Howd'ya think I got smacked on the head, twice even!

He answered the phone quite gruffly; that's where Cass got pissed off.
Here's what she said:

Hey, I just called to wish you a Merry Christmas. You don't have to sound all gruffy on me. I know that you want to spend time with your 'new' girl, but don't you think that it's a lil too rude to just blow off a person who just wants to wish you a season's greetings?

-he tried to interupt-
Eh, you just listen here for a moment. I've got this all pent up things I need to say to you, and it can't wait since you pissed me off.

-surprisingly, he didn't hang up and asked her to say what she needs to. He might be a lil gentlemenly after all (like 1% perhaps).-
My reason of calling is only to wish a season's greeting, like I do to everyone of my friends. I'm not clingy or pining for you to suddenly come back to me, like you just told your new girl.
I've survived 17 years without a boyfriend and I sure as hell can survive now.

If you're honestly thinking that I'd really go out with you in the first place, you're seriously in out of your head!
I like guys who can make me laugh and hold good conversations; and by good conversations, I meant about issues of the world (she's a tree hugger) and debate with me. You did qualify the first on being funny. And quite frankly, the conversations with you are like talking to my young cousins, and they're ten years younger than you are. I'm not questioning your intelligence or anything, but I'd prefer a guy to be on the same frequency as I am.

-he sounded a lil dejected that she's calling him less intelligent that her, hah!-
As I told you that day, consider what I did for you as a favor; like a friend helping the another. I meant it.
I didn't take to the heart about the things that you told me before because I already knew that this would happen. And if you didn't forget, I did told you that you're free to find a girl; just promise to invite me when you walk her down the aisle.
Sure, I had a fun time and it was really comforting when I was down, but didn't you notice that it was perhaps a bit one sided? Didn't you notice that when you piled me with all your dilemmas in life, I didn't say anything about mine? And when you said that you 'loved' me, I only said 'you too'? I don't believe that the phrase 'I love you' should be said out unless one really meant it.

-he claimed that he meant it, only to be shut up by Cass when she said 'Yeah, at that time. But it should only be said when you don't plan on changing your feelings'.-
I don't think I got dumped, nor did we actually break up; we were never going out and there was never anything to break in the first place. Heck, I was pretty indifferent to what you said that day. I didn't cry, breakdown nor even feel sad as would any girl would do if you told them that. Those few months that I was M.I.A was like my typical life; I didn't miss you nor even think of you at all, which most probably prove how little it meant to me.

-Okay, that was kinda harsh. I did nudge her arm when she said that.-
I didn't want to say all of this to you the other day because I know it'll hurt a lot and I'm telling you now just to spite you for pissing me off with your attitude. Perhaps you might never want to talk to me again after this but I couldn't care any less. If you still do, I don't mind lending an ear to your problems that perhaps your new girl can't solve. You're still considered as a friend to me, but whether or not it's the same of me to you is entirely up to you. But please, just don't treat me like what you did just now. It's extremely rude and you'll lose more friends like that.
I hope what I told you will open up your eyes and enlighten your mind. That's all I got to say; again, Merry Christmas and goodnight.

-He said okay and she hung up-

And then she bet that he didn't understand half of the things she said. I nudged her asking her why and she said that his language is meh. (How mean!)
Owwh! She smacked me again!

Must be curious about why I'm writing / typing this out, huh? Well, Cass said that it'd be a really good way and example on how to shut those jerks up when you call them to talk as friends and they say that you're clingy and trying to get back with them.

Ay, this is why I'd rather not be involved with anyone. Cass was barely involved and this sort of problem arises. I don't even want to imagine what would happen if it was for real...

As Mogami Kyouko once said in vol.1 of Skip Beat,
Love is the prelude to disaster and despair.

I couldn't agree more.